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Cheapskate Reviewer: Gregory Porter and Jesse Thomas

Cheapskate Reviewer: Gregory Porter and Jesse Thomas

Happy Valentine’s Day, cheapskates! Thinking of proposing a relationship to that crush you’ve secretly loved for years, but never had the money to buy the perfect relationship-proposing-song? Well, thanks to the miracle of iTunes, now you don’t have to spend a dime on your proposal. And your crush doesn’t even have to know! Unless, of course, your crush is me.

Single of the Week: “Real Good Hands”—Gregory Porter. Oh, R&B. You’ve stolen my heart many times before. Can I listen to you all the time? No sir! But once in a while, you’re simply the best, R&B. Gregory Porter sings to his soon-to-be-fiancé’s parents that they’ll leave her in “real good hands” with him. Now, me personally? I would never let my girl marry someone who’s always wearing what looks like a beardo hat, no matter how much he sings to me about his hands. But that’s not to say it’s not a good song. With some heartwarming (if not incredibly sincere-sounding) lyrics and a great classic jazz feel, this song makes you go ‘awww’ more than once. Three out of five stars.

Indie Spotlight: “Fire”—Jesse Thomas. I have to say, this lady looks really indie. Bandanna? Check. Messy but voluminous hair? Check. Nose ring? Check. And she really needs some chap stick. Look at those indie lips. And congratulations, Chappy Lady! You have the first free iTunes song that I’ve liked! Don’t let Jesse Thomas’ sore-throat vocal beginning push you away—this song is good. With its modest but heartfelt guitar fingering leading into a powerful strings climax and ending with a sour-sweet denouement, all in 2:38, this artful combination of powerful lyrics and soft but at times powerful instrumentation captured me. Four out of five stars!

Are you a Jesse Thomas fan?

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