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How to Turn Your (Nerdy) Girl Friend into Your Girlfriend

How to Turn Your (Nerdy) Girl Friend into Your Girlfriend

We can all agree that the Friend Zone is a huge problem. But how do you escape it? CAN you escape it? Is the attempt to escape worth the risk? And more importantly, do they serve dessert there? Because I am seriously craving some pie. Now, while I can't actually answer any of those questions, I can offer a little Valentine's Day help with reducing the risk factor of admitting to your girl space friend that you'd rather have her as a girlfriend. 

If you're stuck in the Friend Zone, chances are you're scared to reveal your lurking lovey-dovey feelings. Because, you know, you actually like being friends with ol' what's-her-name. So what you want to do is tell her in a way that isn't flat-out telling her. In case things get awkward. But, if she's any girl worth having and at least semi-intelligent (i.e., at least slightly nerdy), these methods should get the hint across. And make her fall madly in love with you (if she isn't already).

Method #1: Inter-galactic Style

Because really, anything involving Star Wars is the best way to do everything. Get one of your (trustworthy) friends to dress up as Darth Vader and lock/shut her in a closet/room (in a non-threatening, non-creepy sort of way—it's REALLY important that she knows this is all in fun). Then, don your Storm Trooper costume and burst in the door, blasters blazing. Tell her you're here to rescue her, call her "Princess" and "Your Highness," push her down into a trash can and then race her off to your spaceship (or, erm, car).

Tips: Make sure she knows you're dressed as Han and not Luke, or something awkwardly incestuous could ensue. Also, maybe don't push her into a trash can—yeah.

Method #2: Westley is the Best(ley)

Lucky for you, this method is super easy, super obvious, and also super easily passed off as a joke (if necessary). Respond to any and all requests she makes with the phrase "As You Wish." If she's any amount of cool whatsoever, she will recognize the reference and realize you like her. Or at least she'll be won over by your tireless devotion. Pretty soon, she'll be asking you to fetch her water jugs and kissing you as the sun sets.

Tips: This works best for bossy girls. Also, try not to get taken captive by the Dread Pirate Roberts—that leads to all sorts of trouble.

Method #3: LOtR FTW

Few people know this, but Faramir is one of the most awesome characters in LOtR. AND he successfully navigates his way out of the Friend Zone. Invite your Eowyn to a nice garden. Walk with her. Force her to tell you her woes. Repeat this daily for a week, culminating in the gift of a cloak of some sort (preferably blue and covered with stars). If she's still not getting it, mention something about her being too great to be stuck in a cage.

Tips: It's important you work up the LOtR references in your daily walks, emphasizing your Faramir-ness. Talking about Mordor or hobbits would be a definite thumbs-up.

Method #4: Quidditch=Love

Guys, Harry and Ginny were in the Friend Zone for YEARS. Be inspired. Plan a real, live Quidditch game with all  your Potter-loving friends. Ask her to be the Seeker. Then, bribe whoever is playing the Snitch to make sure she scores the game-winning, Snitch-grabbing points. Run up to her, cheering her awesomeness, and throw your arms around her. For good measure, dress up as a cupid-dwarf and sing her a love poem.

Tips: Find yourself a girl with more personality than Ginny, please.

And remember guys, if these don't work, you can always play them off as attempts to get in touch with your favorite characters!

How do you plan to get out of the Friend Zone?

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