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Apocalypse-Related Prom Themes

Apocalypse-Related Prom Themes

Let’s face it, prom is nerve-wracking. And don’t even pretend to be one of those people that doesn’t care about it, because deep down inside you know you do!

Wouldn’t prom be a lot easier if it was the end of the world? There’d be less at stake if you knew it was humanity’s last couple hours, right? So, with that in mind, we would like to suggest some apocalypse inspired prom themes to make things a little more interesting, and to take the pressure off just a little bit.

Zombie Prom
The zombie thing is getting kind of old, but with The Walking Dead back from hiatus, it’s hard to resist. Young ghouls will pick up their dates in the family hearse and pin corsages made of dead flowers to their SO’s moldy lapels. The dinner will be included in the evening’s festivities with spaghetti in meat sauce served out of a gutted mannequin’s stomach and a “fresh brain” Jell-O mold as the centerpiece. After the prom king and queen are crowned, the evening then turns into a “hunt or be hunted” free for all where the chaperones must fight for their lives to escape uneaten.

Nuclear Prom
The ridiculous expense of renting a tux or buying a prom dress won’t even be an issue at the Nuclear Apocalypse prom. Due to the insanely high levels of radiation, everyone will be required to show up in hazmat suits. And, oh yes, the radiation will be real, thanks to Mr. Gottner and the science department’s hookup with the local nuclear power plant. Try some of the glow in the dark punch or relax in the Decontamination Shower/Student Lounge. And if you’re really lucky, you’ll get to make out with your date in the fallout shelter.

Mad Max Road Warrior Prom
The year is 2125, the cities have been burned to the ground, and humankind has been reduced to rival biker gangs in makeshift armor fashioned out of trash can lids and chain link fencing. As you enter the main room of the prom, or “Thunderdome” as it has been renamed, you will be challenged to a Battle-Royale-style dance off. This is a no holds barred, mano y mano throwdown where flamethrowers and battle axes are not only fair, but are encouraged. The last two warriors will battle each other in a steel cage hung over a vat of acid. The winner is crowned prom king, and the loser is tossed into the acid.

Giant Meteor Hits the Earth and Decimates the Human Race Prom
The unique thing about this prom is that it’s totally normal for the first two hours… until the meteor hits! Thanks to a combined effort from the Set Design Class and the Wood Shop, the entire gymnasium will be rigged onto a complex hydraulics system that will throw the entire room onto its side and split the floor in two right before the prom court enters. And don’t stick around too long after the last dance, or you’ll be crushed by the twenty tons of water that the prom committee has rigged to simulate a fifty foot monsoon wave.

Mayan Calendar Prom
The Mayans were the first ones to get all end-of-the-worldy, so a prom commemorating their style is a must do in the year that they predicted the end of all civilization. Machete your way through the thick field of freshly planted maize as you enter the main ballroom. The centerpiece of the evening is a life-sized replica of an ancient Mayan pyramid, complete with sacrificial altar on top. When the clock strikes ten, you know it’s time for the crowning of prom king and the bloodletting and eventual ritualistic burning of the prom Queen. And, of course, at midnight the world ends.

Everything Is On Fire Prom
Douse yourself in kerosene and set yourself on fire. Come on, you know you want to. Everyone’s doing it. Literally everyone at this prom will be on fire. And so will the dance floor. Also, the chaperones, the DJ, the prom court, the walls, and the ceiling. All of it. On fire. Oh, and make sure you get your picture taken on your way out. (The photographer is not liable for any damaged prints due to light, heat, moisture, or fire.)

What do you want your prom theme to be this year?

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