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TRUE OR FALSE: You Are a Mean, Lean, Green-ing Machine

TRUE OR FALSE: You Are a Mean, Lean, Green-ing Machine

Guys, this should be the easiest question you ever answer. Because if you looked at the title of this post and thought "Falseroni, suckers!" and then lit a tree on fire and threw 37 un-biodegradable plastic water bottles into a ditch where baby pandas were playing, then WE WANT NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU. BEGONE, EARTH KILLER! But if you looked at the title of this post, cocked your head thoughtfully to the side, and said "True!" while eating cookie dough out of a re-usable container, THEN YOU ARE EXACTLY THE TYPE OF PERSON THAT WE'RE LOOKING FOR.

SparkLife and have teamed up again (we're like the Legolas to their Aragorn, but with even better hair) to bring you the Green Your School Challenge, an AWESOME campaign running from February 7-April 22. It's a student-led movement dedicated to reducing waste and saving energy in US schools, and it's easy as triple-layer peanut butter pie to participate. We want to see you Sparklers and Manklers knock this one out of the PARK—we're talking BIG-TIME results from the brightest, baddest teens we know (and we mean bad as in good, and good as in "YOU ARE BASICALLY CAPTAIN PLANET").

You may be thinking to yourself, "Yeah, of course I care about the environment, but I just don't have time to participate in Green Your School! I've got clarinet lessons and AP Bio and that super-secret plan to seduce Amy Pffafenstein to deal with!" And in response, dudes, I present you with this list of REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD GREEN YOUR SCHOOL:

- It will look SO MONEY on your college applications. Just imagine: instead of writing "champion mayonnaise-eater" in the activities box, you could write "Spear-headed a recycling program as part of the Green Your School Challenge and inspired over 600 students to participate."

- You could win 5,000 BUCKOS in grants, or a $500 scholarship, or a chance to be honored at the WHITE HOUSE, where the PRESIDENT lives.

- It is SO, SO EASY to participate. Like, easier than beating a goldfish at dodgeball. Easier than saying "Oh hell to the yes!" when Darren Criss asks you on an ice-cream date. Easier than doing both of those things at once while dismantling a nuclear weapon in outer-space.

- It will give you a HUGE confidence boost. There are few things better for your self-esteem than doing a good deed. Start a Green Your School project and I guarantee (this is a signed-and-sealed Chelsea Dagger promise) that you'll instantly feel happier, more productive, and totally proud of yourself.

- Amy Pffafenstein is a jerk anyway. Last week I saw her punch a baby panda right in the face. In the FACE, guys. Do you REALLY want to waste your time seducing that fool when you could be SAVING THE WORLD?!

Now that you're 100% intrigued, allow me to lay out the Extremely Simple Steps to Getting Started:

1. Sign up at or text GREEN to 38383

2. Get your friends, classmates, and fellow students to sign up too—schools must have 10 participants registered to be eligible to win. The school with the most registered members wins a green prom!

3. Browse and select projects to tackle using this handy guide, and click here to see the projects started by last year's winners! For even MORE ideas, check out DoSomething's Environment page! Keep in mind that the school with the best technology-related project will win an HP Prize Package!

3.5. Raise awareness! Share your project on Facebook and Twitter for a chance to win a $1000 college scholarship!

4. Report back by April 22 (online or by text) and be eligible to win great prizes! Judges will review the projects from April 23-27, and winners will be announced on May 1!

5. And VOILA, you're DONE!

See how easy that was? Just 5 simple steps, that's all it takes, and you'll have made a positive difference in the world! So get started today—remember, the challenge only runs from February 7-April 22, so you have no time to waste! GO GREEN OR GO HOME! (And you can't go home, because I will be sitting on your doorstep dressed as a giant, angry recycling bin, and trust me, you do not want to know what happens next in this scenario.)

If you're going to GREEN YOUR SCHOOL, shout it out in the comments! I will send you a special email and we'll publish your plan on SparkLife and Mindhut, so that all the world (that moron Amy Pffafenstein included) can admire your environment-saving skillz!

If you have any questions at all about how to get started, post 'em in the comments for me or email Green[at]! And don't forget to visit the awesome GYS microsite for ideas and inspiration!

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