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Why Does WoW Involve So Much Dying?

Why Does WoW Involve So Much Dying?

Our intern Jenny is playing World of Warcraft for the first time and blogging about it. Please, call her JWoW. —Editors

Guys, I think I'm playing this game wrong. Unless, of course, you're supposed to die during the trainee sessions. Five times. But that seems like it would make a really lame game, so I'm guessing I'm the one screwing up here. But seriously, who knew those mana wyrms could be so dangerous?

And yes, I know, they're basically the lowest level enemies around, besides those adorable kittens I'm allowed to slaughter for some reason.

Anyway. I entered the Blood Elven land for my I'm-a-N00b training, and discovered pretty quickly that I need the training. Apparently, the Blood Elf world is under attack from evil, bad-magic addicted blood elves. I think. I'm getting a civil war sort of vibe from most of the characters. Especially The Lady Elf Who Gives People Things to Do, who sent me out on a quest to kill some evil-magic infested wyrms, and which I completely and utterly botched. I guess you're not supposed to release an arcane torrent until you're actually able to kill multiple creatures at once. Isn't training supposed to be easy? And here I was under the impression that I couldn't die yet. Or wouldn't, anyway.

Well, after finding my dead body in the Spirit World (pretty easy to do, since my pathetic self hadn't strayed very far on my wyrm-killing quest), I finally managed to kill all the things. By which I really mean that my pet, DragonHawk, killed all the things. He does most of the work. Speaking of which—is it pathetic that I haven't renamed my pet yet? Because I kind of think DragonHawk is a cool name, even if it is, like, his species name. Whatever.

In any case, after finishing the first quest, I got sent on even MORE quests...which was actually harder than it sounds, since that little map and compass thing is so DARN HARD to navigate. At least, for a n00bish girl who can't read directions, anyway. Is there any easier way to understand where you're going in this game? Or am I just dumb? Probably the latter.

Well, I blundered off I went to find more quests, feeling a bit lost in all the trees and pretty landscape of the Blood Elf world. Which, by the way, is really impressive—I love how beautifully detailed the world is, even if it is a deadly sort of beautiful. It looks like a magic forest! Which, I guess, it is, since a bunch of the things the elves told me to kill were walking trees (I killed ents! I am awful!). And also some saber-tooth tiger creatures, who are actually kind of adorable (they even had me kill BABY TIGERS. Heartless). I guess I, as a Blood Elf, am an evil, anti-environmental animal-torturer. Either that, or I'm saving my planet from evil-infected creatures. For the sake of my conscience, I'm going with the latter.

I will spare you the details of the tragic deaths I underwent during those quests. Suffice to say, you are NOT supposed to let your pet die, apparently, as this leads to your own immanent death. Probably because DragonHawk is really doing all the fighting here. If I were him, I would die just to be rid of me. Oh dear. Maybe that's what he did. I KILLED MY PET WITH MY TERRIBLENESS! What now? I don't know. I guess it is dead forever. Or maybe it's only dead to me, and secretly got reassigned to some other Blood Elf Huntress who is Really Good at All The Things and will come kick my butt at everything later. How sad.

BUT! After doing grunt-work kitten-killing quests (I feel like an awful person, by the way), I got sent on a real quest: go bring back the head of this evil guy who is killing other Blood Elves and basically inciting rebellion. Apparently he was slaughtering students at the Blood Elf Academy, which sounds like a terrible thing to do. And as thrilled as I was to go kill a real evil thing and not an overgrown cat, I have to wonder: why did they send ME? Who is terrible at killing things? If all these people are good enough to train me, why are they sending the hopeless Elf Who Can Only Die to kill their enemy? Seems like a bad plan.

Of course, maybe I could actually kill him if I wasn't so busy falling off the roof to my doom. Sadface.

Death Count So Far: 5.75 (I'm counting DragonHawk's death as 3/4 of a death, since it seems significant.)

Is there a way to not die so much in WoW? HELP! Also, what is keybinding?

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