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Super-Hottie Olivia Munn Confesses Her Geekiest Secrets: A Mindhut Video Exclusive

Super-Hottie Olivia Munn Confesses Her Geekiest Secrets: A Mindhut Video Exclusive

Here's the thing about Olivia Munn: she might be a robot. That's the only explanation we can come up with—because she's just TOO AMAZING TO BE REAL. Let's look at the facts: she's insanely gorgeous, ridiculously funny, awesomely geeky, incredibly down-to-earth, and she also happens to be genuinely devoted to supporting great causes—is that combination of traits even MATHEMATICALLY POSSIBLE?!

We think not—hence the robot hypothesis. But even if she is a robot, she's certainly our very favorite robot EVER—because she's teamed up with our amazing partner to promote a cause that's very close to her heart: going green. This girl is SERIOUS about saving the environment, so if you want to stand a chance at getting a date (hey, it could happen!) you better be serious about it too (you can get a head-start by reading this post). Our awesome friends at DoSomething recently gave us the opportunity to pose a few questions to Olivia, and we found out some scintillating facts:

A. She's a hardcore Hobbit fan (she actually cried when she saw an image from the upcoming movie) and a true-blue geek at heart (she gets anxious about meeting new people, she enjoys being alone sometimes, and just wait 'til you hear her quote The Labyrinth)

B. She is pretty brilliant at coming up with superhero nicknames

C. She thinks it's sexy to turn off the lights  (STOP HYPERVENTILATING, MANKLERS, and pay attention: she also reveals her dream-scenario green pick-up line!)

and D. We have a gigantic, green crush on her.

You will to, as soon as you watch this video. And when you're done drooling, get yourself over to and sign up for the Green Your School Challenge. OLIVIA HAS COMMANDED IT.

Oh, and just in case you can't hear the questions, here they are:

What's your nerdiest habit?

What's sexier to you: a guy who always remembers to recycle his plastic water bottles, or a guy who remembers to turn off the lights when he leaves the room?

What's your favorite geeky movie or book?

What's the best green pickup line you can think of off the top of your head?

What would your green superhero name be?


2 questions: Do you think Olivia Munn is the hottest maybe-robot ever? (YUS) and are you going to head over to and sign up for the Green Your School Challenge right now? (HELLL TO THE YUS)

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