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Watch the New Blades of Time Trailer!

Watch the New Blades of Time Trailer!

Dragonland might sound like a super-awesome amusement park, but as fun as 100,000 square feet of animatronic flying lizards might seem, we've got to let that dream go for a minute. What you need to know right now is that Dragonland is the setting for Konami's new action-adventure video game epic Blades of Time, coming out for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 on Tuesday, March 6.

In the game, players control Ayumi, a scantily-clad treasure hunter who mixes the best aspects of Lara Croft and Turok (okay, that sounds weirder than it is). While Ayumi may have begun her quest looking for treasure, what she finds is actually a lot worse—demonic monsters that want to keep her from it by, like, ending her life. Yikes. Good thing Ayumi also discovers that she possesses a totally awesome mystical power within her… and not just in some new-age hippie sense. She can actually kick some serious demon butt, and she'll have to if she wants to get out of Dragonland alive.

Blades of Time seems to play a lot like a God of War-style epic, with an important twist: Ayumi's powers, as the title suggests, allow her to manipulate time itself. That means that players have the ability to speed up or slow down gameplay to find the optimum demon-destroying strategy. What makes this game really unique is its "rewind" feature, which allows players to create a virtual army of Ayumis by controlling where she's been in the past as well as the present. Check out the trailer for a brief glimpse at how it works; but believe us when we say it looks totally insane and awesome.

Oh yeah, also, if you get tired of Ayumi fighting with swords you can use giant freaking guns and rocket launchers. Rocket launchers versus dragons. Yeah, we're down. Here: view the trailer in all its cinematic, action-packed glory below and check out the game on March 6!

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