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Cheapskate Reviewer: Mona and Ghostory

Cheapskate Reviewer: Mona and Ghostory

Every week, Scott downloads iTunes FREE songs and reviews 'em. You should, too!

What do you look for in a good song? I’ll tell you what I look for; something that sticks with me, whether it’s a bass line or an instrumental or great lyrics or a combination of lots of great, skillful stuff. I’m not looking for Mozart; I already found him (I always find people that owe me money. Always.) I’m just looking for something that I’ll remember.

Single of the Week: “Shooting the Moon” by Mona. Stop, you guys! Don’t shoot the moon! It brings us good things, like tides, lunar eclipses, werewolves, and weird nursery rhymes about eloping silverware and athletic cows. With raw, grungy vocals, lead singer Nick Brown sings about how he has something to prove. Come on, Nick! You can prove yourself by doing something more than shooting the moon. Like shooting a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Now that’s cool. Three out of five stars. Full of emotion yet somehow soulless, this song left a small impression on me that I will have forgotten next week.

Indie Download of the Week: “Scavenger” by Ghostory. This song haunted me like a ghost, or like a ghost’s sad story. Or like a ghostory! With lyrics that cut to the heart with conviction from an emotionless voice, this song may just haunt you too. Lyrics like “you took me like a drug / to make you feel loved, to make you feel wanted…I made you feel something / ‘cause you can feel nothing” stick with you after listening. The detached instrumental synth and techno beats make for a flow that lulls you like a lullaby while the vocals and lyrics keep you on edge. Four out of five stars.

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