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Wolfpack Super Powers

Wolfpack Super Powers

We are obsessed… do you hear me!? Ob-Sessed with the new webseries Wolfpack of Reseda. It’s like Workaholics meets Teen Wolf with a dash of True Blood thrown in for good measure. It’s all about Ben March, a sad and downtrodden office drone, who’s pathetic life gets turned upside down one dark and scary night when he gets bitten by what he thinks is a werewolf.

His world gets completely rocked. His strength increases tenfold. He’s always ravenously hungry. He has OK Computer playing on a loop in his head. Okay, the last one’s just us, but basically, he’s turned into an undercover superhero. And that got us to thinking: what superhuman powers would we want if we got bitten by a werewolf? Here’s our short list:

The ability to ask a girl to prom without crying

The ability to construct the perfect grilled cheese, peanut butter, pickle, and bacon sandwich

The ability to keep a straight face when asking dad to borrow his Mercedes

The ability to play an open C Minor, First Position on an acoustic with nylon strings

The ability to belch-speak the entire alphabet in one burp

The ability to eat fifty-seven Famous Amos chocolate chip cookies in one sitting

The ability to go back in time and prevent terrible movies from being made (we’re looking at you, Batman Forever)

The ability to convince everyone that you’re really Roberto Montoya y Gonzalez, the wealthy Mexican cotton baron and rapier champion from Oaxaca

The ability to wear a cape without people laughing at you

The ability to have theme music play when you enter a room

Check out Ben March and his ongoing transformation into the world’s first car insurance salesman/werewolf on Wolfpack of Reseda below...

Wolfpack of Reseda - First Bite - Ep. 1

Wolfpack Of Reseda | Myspace Video

...And let us know if we missed any superhuman powers!

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