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11 Reasons The Hunger Games Is NOT Too Girly

11 Reasons The Hunger Games Is NOT Too Girly

Yes, the main character of The Hunger Games is a girl—Katniss Everdeen. But that doesn't mean the popular teen series is only for ladies. Here are are 11 reasons you should see the movie when it debuts March 23.

1. It’s pretty freakin’ gnarly: Teenage girls get bludgeoned to death and (SPOILER alert) they don’t like it.

2. It’s not Twilight: Sure, it’s in the same “genre” as Twilight (that dreaded Young Adult). But The Hunger Games is not Twilight. It’s far superior both in plot and character development. Trust me, ain’t no pretty boy vampires gonna sparkle during these games.

3. The main chick is a bad ass: I know she’s a girl and girls are... ya know, uptight, but this one is not (well, she’s a little uptight, but you really can’t blame her for that). I would compare Katniss, the main character, to Arya Stark, if she was several years older and had her sister Sansa’s face. For those who aren’t familiar with Game of Thrones…Katniss is like Sarah Conner in Terminator 2, only younger and with the face of the lady Terminator in T3. For those who aren’t familiar with Terminator… I’m sorry, you are past the point of help.

4. Modified Killer Wasps are used as weapons: Let’s be honest, if you knew that there was game that involved Genetically Modified Killer Wasps you wouldn’t play that game, wouldya? Well, these teens do, and isn’t that a big enough of a sacrifice to earn your eight bucks?

5. It’s Educational!: The way reality TV is going these days, it’s only a matter of time before The Hunger Games becomes a real show. So you should do yourself a favor and start preparing yourself for battle against blood-hungry teenagers.

6. Brings back the nostalgia of being a kid: Remember Christmas morning when you were a kid, when you ran downstairs to the Christmas tree and marveled at all the glorious presents that you could choose from? Well the same thing happens to the kids at the beginning of The Hunger Games, except instead of presents, it’s a huge pile of weapons that they must all run to at the same time in order to destroy one another. Also, if any of them run to their “presents” before the appropriate time, their legs are blown off by landmines. Gnarly, bro, gnarly.

7. Seriously, it’s not Twilight! : We're sorry to be repetitive, but we just feel this bares repeating.

8. It’s set in the Post Apocalypse: Aside from the revered Zombie Apocalypse, this is the best Apocalypse-type world you could ask for. It’s a world without rules or boundaries. Okay, well there is one rule in this post apocalypse world, and that one rule is to kill before getting killed!

9. Best Date Movie by far : It’s one of the few movies coming out this year that you can take a date to that will thoroughly entertain both of you. Even better, make sure after the movie that you go on and on about what a badass Katniss is, and your date will realize what a great and open view you have on women. The best part is, you won’t have to lie! Katniss is a badass! (see #3)

10. It’s Educational (part II): Ever wanted to know how to survive in the forest alone, and learn the best ways to find water and shelter? How about learning how to hunt, not only that but learning how to hunt the greatest prey of all… man.

11. It’s a Great Story: We couldn’t help but admire the way the story unfolds. If the movie follows the book in even a semi-accurate fashion (and by all accounts, it will and then some) you are going to be in for a compelling treat. One with lots of suspension, tension, and plot twists. If you haven't read the books, we envy you; you don’t even know what The Hunger Games has in story for you. But we do, and all we have to say is: Game on!

Do you think a female protagonist makes a book "girly"?

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