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A Facebook Chat Between The Joker and The Riddler

A Facebook Chat Between The Joker and The Riddler

Joker: hey

Riddler: hey

Joker: what u up 2?

Riddler: nothin’

tryin 2 come up with new riddles for b-man

i just wanna kill that dude but since i got this name i gotta keep doing new riddles  : (

Joker: ya that sux

when i was comin up with my name i was wonderin if i had to keep makin jokes but instead i came up w. pranks

Riddler: ya i remember

i think he knows em all now cuz last week it took him like 5 secs to figure out which orphanage i was gonna blow up

Joker: he smart

Riddler: ya but im smarter! im the riddler!

Joker: u wanna borrow some of my stuff?

i can lend you my flower

Riddler: na, but that thing is funny! lol!

Joker: i kno!

Riddler: one time i saw u made this dude smell it, then his face got all squirted up w. acid! his face looked like a candle melted! lol!

Joker: lol!

that guy was botherin me all day! kept askin me, boss…u want me to kidnap the mayor? boss…u want me to rob my grandma? i was like…i want u 2 smell my flower!

Riddler: then he was all like boss! boss! lol!

Joker: lol!

uh oh

Riddler: ???

Joker: penguin tryin 2 skype w. me

Riddler: he’s fat

Joker: lmfao!

Riddler: lol! he so stupid w. his umbrellas!

Joker: i kno! I always tell him to wear a mask so no one can figure him out. but he just goes…ack! ack!

Riddler: ack ack! lol!

maybe ill use him as one of my riddles

whats dumb and smells like sardines?

Joker: what has a top hat and cant keep up w. batman?

Riddler: he has a glass eye

Joker: thats a monacle!

Riddler: oh damn! lol! I shoulda known that! makes him look like mr peanut!

Joker: rofl! omg! mr. peanut!!!!

Riddler: lol! that shoulda been penguins name

he could be the guy who destroys any1 w. a peanut allergy

Joker: lol! so lame!

Riddler: i g2g. my brain isn’t working. i need to get these new riddles ready.

Joker: cool. maybe ill see ya at the cookie factory explosion next week. u get my FB invite?

Riddler: ya, i got it. ill b there.


Joker: i kno! cookies!!!!!

Riddler: k, c ya soonnnnnnnn

Joker: laterrrrrrrrrrr

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