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A Facebook Chat Between Mr. Freeze and Catwoman

A Facebook Chat Between Mr. Freeze and Catwoman

Mr. Freeze: BOO!

Catwoman: AH!

Mr. Freeze: : )

Catwoman: :)

Mr. Freeze: how are you?

Catwoman: im good. u?

Mr. Freeze: im good

just CHILLIN out

Catwoman: haha

yr funny

the news said some1 stole a bunch of ice cream trucks

was that u?

Mr. Freeze: it was!

i guess you cracked that COLD CASE

Catwoman: heh

ya i guess

Mr. Freeze: i stole them

then i thru all the ice cream in the river

it was a real COLD-HEARTED thing to do


Mr. Freeze: hehe

i get carried away

I luv to make things cold!

Catwoman: i can c that

The 1st time i met u was when u froze everything at sea world

u said u luv fish sticks! lol!

Mr. Freeze: lol! that nite was crazy! joker dare me to do that!

Catwoman: i kno! then he ran away laughing n u tried to get him with yr ice gun! Lol!

Mr. Freeze: rofl! he runs fast! i shot at him n missed!

Catwoman: ya! u ended up freezing a seal!

Mr. Freeze: lol! that seal had a 1 way ticket on the POLAR EXPRESS

Catwoman: hm. ya.

Mr. Freeze: so what did u do last nite?

Catwoman: nuthin much

i let b-man chase me around for a lil

then i almost let him kiss me but his breath stink

Mr. Freeze: lol!

that sux

my breath smells good. i got some new gum. it’s WINTERFRESH

Catwoman: um, k

Mr. Freeze: i can share it with you

maybe we can go to the park?

ill freeze everything and we can skate around? ; )

Catwoman: uh

hey freeze…

Mr. Freeze: ya?

Catwoman: u really funny and I like your jokes about ice n stuff

Mr. Freeze: : )

Catwoman: but we r really good friends

Mr. Freeze: oh

Catwoman: i just dont wanna ruin a good friendship

Mr. Freeze: k

Catwoman: r u mad?

Mr. Freeze: no

i just think yr really pretty

Catwoman: thx

Mr. Freeze: is it gonna be awkward now?

Catwoman: no way! u my homey!

n im so happy to SNOW u!

Mr. Freeze: lol! funny!

Catwoman: : )

Mr. Freeze: funny n pretty! u sure yr one of us n not one of the good guys???

Catwoman: lol @ good guys!

yr crazy

Mr. Freeze: ya, just a lil’

im a lil crazy for you…

Catwoman is no longer available to chat

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