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Enter the Marvel Comics Sweepstakes by Monday!

Enter the Marvel Comics Sweepstakes by Monday!

Earlier this week, we posted about a sweet sweepstakes (sweetstakes?) we've got going on where you can win five awesome Marvel graphic novels! Have you entered yet? If so, good job! Cross your fingers. If not, why not?! Get on it, guys and gals! Here's some fun trivia about the prizes you can win.

1. Fantastic Four Masterworks Volume 5: A few years ago, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles put together an exhibit called "Masters of American Comics," which featured art from some of the best pencillers ever to work in the comic book industry. Jack Kirby, who drew this very comic, was the only superhero artist included in the exhibit. You hear that, guys? THIS BOOK IS ART!

2. X-Men: The Dark Phoenix Saga: Besides this book being the coolest thing ever to happen to Jean Grey, it also introduces the character of Kitty Pryde, aka Shadowcat, who becomes and remains a major player for the X-Men. If you like strong female characters, this is your book! (yes, one of them wants to destroy the galaxy, but still…)

3. Marvels: Marvels artist Alex Ross doesn't pull his incredible detail from thin air—he has friends and other models pose as the characters he paints into his pages! He also uses stuff from the real world, so as you read Marvels, be on the lookout for lots of fun cameos from celebrities and other familiar objects (and maybe you can even spot a DC superhero or two in there among the crowds).

4. Ultimate Spider-Man Volume 1: Ultimate Spider-Man provides one of the most famous examples of recent comics to have "decompressed storytelling," which means that events take longer to play out and books focus on building mood and tone over running through plot points. In this book, you don't even see the Spider-Man costume until chapter 3! It's a more cinematic approach to comic storytelling, mastered by guys like writer Brian Michael Bendis, whose sharp dialog makes you feel like you're watching a really great movie.

5. New Avengers Volume 1: This book reintroduces a strange character called the Sentry to the Marvel Universe. He's an oddball who claims he's the world's greatest superhero, except nobody remembers him. However, he has the all powers of Superman… and more... along with an unstable mind. Keep a close eye on his actions here and see if you can figure out the mystery behind this character.

What Marvel comics are your favorite? Which of the books above are you most looking forward to reading? Comment below and click here for a chance to win all five books!

Click here for the Sweepstakes Rules.

Sweeps begins 3/6/12 at 11:59 a.m. and ends 3/11/12 at 11:59 a.m.

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