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More St. Patrick's Day Facts: True Stuff About Ireland

More St. Patrick's Day Facts: True Stuff About Ireland

With St. Patty’s day coming up, we thought we’d share some more little-known, incredibly "true" facts about Ireland:

  • Ireland was actually founded by the General Mills Corporation as a marketing ploy for Lucky Charms cereal.
  • Ireland is made completely of shamrocks, lyres, and billy goat hooves.
  • The national bird of Ireland is the Angry Lollygagger.
  • Justin Bieber is actually a mythical creature from Irish folk lore that sprang to life from the laughter of children.
  • The Irish actually HATE the color green. Don’t ask them about it. They get kinda touchy.
  • The flag of Ireland features Regis Philbin doing one-armed pushups with James Joyce on his back eating a corned beef sandwich.
  • A true Irish limerick is not a lilting song or poem, but actually a little known style of hard core Irish freestyle reggaeton.
  • Adam Sandler is Irish.
  • The saying “Luck of the Irish” actually refers to Bob Luck of Irish, Indiana.
  • The Irish national tree is the Belligerent Elm.
  • When you land in Ireland, you are greeted with a lei made of four leaf clovers.
  • The Blarney Stone promises to call everyone that kisses it the next day, but never does.
  • The entire Irish banking system is based on the annual success or failure of McDonald’s Shamrock Shake.
  • Lando Calrissian was Irish.
  • In Ireland, Saint Patrick’s Day is celebrated with a traditional library crawl, where revelers will read one book at every neighborhood library until they pass out from exhaustion.
  • The national flower of Ireland is the Fuming Chrysanthemum.
  • An “Irish Jig” is very similar to an “Irish Jug.” Except with an I instead of a U.
  • “Corned Beef and Cabbage” was a short lived Irish buddy cop show from the 1970’s.
  • Optimus Prime is Irish.
  • When you visit Ireland you will be blown away by their kindness and hospitality. And Borkden the Blower, a half human half reptile giant who will literally blow you away, so hang onto something.
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