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A Facebook Chat Between Scarecrow and Two-Face

A Facebook Chat Between Scarecrow and Two-Face

Two-Face: bro

Scarecrow: hey

Two-Face: sup

Scarecrow: nuthin


came in late

like 6 in the morning

Two-Face: rough nite?

Scarecrow: ya. havent been sleeping either

tryin to chase around b-man so i can get my fix yknow?

Two-Face: he so annoying when he only comes out at nite

like, some of us are tryin to get some sleep!!

Scarecrow: n some of us are frikkin crazy

Two-Face: huh?

Scarecrow: nuthin

u goin to penguins thing on friday?

Two-Face: not sure, u?

Scarecrow: maybe. depends if i finish up this new batch of gas

if i do then I might stop in

might even try the new batch on penguin

Two-Face: lol! id love to see him get scared!

Scarecrow: got him good 1 time

i told him that i had this new handgun and when he go to look i gassed him!

Two-Face: lol!

Scarecrow: he started yellin about bullies and his dad

his flippers were goin crazy

Two-face: rofl! crazy penguin!

Scarecrow: hes not the only crazy one

Two-Face: huh?

Scarecrow: nuthin

Two-Face: kinda sux you have to use gas to scare people

Scarecrow: ???

Two-Face: i mean like

all that work

i just use my face

Scarecrow: oh gee, yr right

i wish my face was burned in half so it was scary enough

Two-Face: na man, im just sayin

1 time i was at the park with my hood up. all I did was remove it and got these kids to all start cryin

Scarecrow: congrats. u scared kids at the park

dude, i scare THE MOB

those dudes r no joke

they kill their own moms but they scared of me!

Two-Face: so what???

i scared poison ivy when she got all tough with me

Scarecrow: ok, so kids and some chick who loves plants

ya, u really know how to scare em up good 2-farts

Two-Face: whatever man

u call me 2-farts but u the 1 who uses gas on everyone

Scarecrow: sorry, i dont speak crazy. can u repeat that?

Two-Face: ya, big guy over there

come say it to my face

Scarecrow: which 1?

Two-Face: whatever man

i bet i scare b-man more than u

Scarecrow: ya, unless he needs a change for a dollar n steals yr coin

whats up w that anyway? go find a piggy bank or something

Two-Face: dude, yr out of your mind

Scarecrow: look whos talking! smh

Two-Face: ya ya

whatever dude, im out

yr bein kinda dumb, u need some sleep

Scarecrow: k, ill get some sleep n u get some coins

Two-Face: k, i will

Two-Face is currently unavailable to chat.

Who would you like to see in a chat?

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