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What Will J.K. Rowling's Next Book Be About? Some More Guesses.

What Will J.K. Rowling's Next Book Be About? Some More Guesses.

If we were J.K. Rowling (and who's to say we're not?) we would veer in a completely different direction with our next book. She probably doesn't want to only be known as the author of a phenomenally successful series of children's books which nevertheless charmed people of all ages, single-handedly made reading cool, and radically influenced the culture of an entire generation. Talk about a one-trick pony. J.K. Rowling is sure to want to prove that she can create just as many fascinating characters, twisting plots and totally made-up words in any genre. We've already come up with a few ideas about the plot for her next book. Here are some more.

Barry Cotter And The Philosophers

Barry Cotter And The Philosophers are your average nine-piece post-modern punk-folk-rap band, struggling to succeed in a soulless music industry that doesn't appreciate their unique jam and five different banjos. When Barry starts an illicit affair with the drummer of a rival band, the Philosophers are torn apart by internal conflict. A tragic tale of love, loss, and musical differences.

Mary Dotter and the Chamber of Seacrest

Mary Dotter, a beauty queen who solves crimes on the side, becomes embroiled in a dark plot after stumbling upon a warehouse filled with terrifying robotic clones of Ryan Seacrest, created by a rejected American Idol contestant intending to take over the reality TV industry. Mary's life is in danger after she threatens to expose the Seacrest plot to the world—but she finds an unlikely ally in Hank, the tall dark mysterious stranger who suddenly enters her life in Chapter 3.

Carrie Motter Orders at the Phoenix (and other stories)

A collection of whimsical tales about 1920's socialite and wig-company heiress Carrie Motter. With supporting characters including Joey Fingers the lovable jewel thief, Sadie the happy-go-lucky housemaid, and Benson the foul-mouthed parrot, Carrie is never far from trouble but always comes out on top. Roll on the floor laughing at these uproarious tales of Carrie's adventures—and misadventures!—with the staff and patrons of the Phoenix Hotel, which is in Phoenix, presumably.

"Scary" Wotter, the Death, and Lee Hallows

Nicknamed "Scary" and shunned by her peers because of the multiple spiders living in her hair and a tendency to bite people right in the neck upon first meeting them, Jenny Wotter is really just a lonely girl. She thinks she has found companionship with the new kid in town, Lee Hallows, but Lee is hiding a terrible secret, and then someone dies. The theme of this book is friendship.

Gary Shotter and The Crimson Escape Band? Come on readers, what else ya got?

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