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Cheapskate Reviewer: Casey James, Birdy, and Tanlines

Cheapskate Reviewer: Casey James, Birdy, and Tanlines

Welcome to Cheapskate Reviewer, where popularity, power, prestige, posterity, promiscuity and promise are just a download away.

"Let's Don't Call It a Night" by Casey James. If you couldn't tell by the fact that there's incorrect grammar in the title, then let me tell you now; this is country. And it's about sex. Discreetly, of course, because country is never really raunchy unless the song is about a bar. A synth-organ in the background adds some fun to this otherwise just-like-any-other-country-song. Two out of five stars.

"Without a Word"by Birdy. Piano pieces aren't dead! As this great lyrical piece proves, mostly sticking to piano as the accompaniment for Jasmine van den Bogaerde's stylized voice, the piano can still lend wonderful mood to a piece. The only additions are a bit of synth track starting the song off in an eccentric way that leads into the sadness the ivory keys emit. Then, at one point, just a bit of bass adds to the mood. "Without a Word" gives the picture of an empty room bathed by sunlight of the late evening, the saddest time of day. (Read that while listening to the song and try not to cry. Ha! Weakling!) Four out of five stars.

Indie Download of the Week: "Brothers" by Tanlines. iTunes refers to Tanlines' songs as "dance-friendly." But this one is indie, and hipsters listen to indie music. And what kind of dances to hipsters go to? I thought hipsters didn't dance. Maybe they just snap their fingers and shake their heads in a figure-eight shape. That seems fairly hipster. (My other question is, if iTunes is put at the beginning of a sentence, should it be 'ITunes?' Help me out, grammar geeks!) This song is fairly common stuff and not really dance-friendly, unless you're dancing, like, while sleeping. There isn't much bass and they aren't really having that much fun with the song. Two out of five stars.

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