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Angry Birds: Space Is Out Today!

Angry Birds: Space Is Out Today!

Math sucks. Or rather, I suck at math, therefore I hate it proving that, by association, math sucks. And that’s as close to a theorem as I’ve ever gotten, friends.

But, I am completely obsessed with Angry Birds. And I never thought about the fact that there is an inordinate amount of math that goes into the game. Not until today when I watched the preview for the BRAND NEW ANGRY BIRDS GAME Angry Birds: Space.

Holy crapola, did I just say SPACE!? Yes, voice in my head, I did! Is it as awesome as it sounds? I don’t know, voice in my head. You sure are talkative today, why don’t you just watch the preview for the game and see for yourself:

So, yes, the game looks amazing. The boring astronaut with sinus congestion notwithstanding (take it easy on Don, he probably majored in physics in college), his point is well received. Angry Birds: Space is not only going to eat even more hours of my life away with its mind control-like addictive nature, but it is scientifically accurate.

This may be the first video game endorsed by NASA. So, that’s pretty sweet.

In addition to that, WHOA, there are new birds that do some crazy crap! The super fast purple bird that changes direction! The weird, bluish bird that freezes stuff! Not to mention the whole gravitational pull whatchamacallits. I have never been so psyched about something that is so completely nonsensical and utterly useless in my life!!!

It’s available today. So, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go throw several hours of my life at my iPhone now. And I thank you!

Have you tried Angry Birds: Space yet? What did you think?

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