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Angry Birds: Space REVIEW

Angry Birds: Space REVIEW

The birds and pigs are back and this time they’re in space! Sort of. Like every other version of Angry Birds, the world of the birds is similar to ours, in that the laws of physics and structural integrity are the same but in our world we don’t have… um… you know, gigantic red birds being catapulted at amoeba-like green pigs that steal eggs.

Aside from that, this is probably the best Angry Birds game so far. Not just because it takes place in space (everyone knows that to make anything more exciting, you set it in space), but because the creators have gone to great lengths to create a world with really, really specific and stringent laws of physics that completely change the gameplay.

In fact, it might be more accurate to call this version Angry Birds: Gravity, because that is the main obstacle in any and all rounds of this version. And sometimes that obstacle can actually be helpful.

You still shoot birds, only this time you are shooting at pigs that are located on or around large asteroids (or small planets… it’s unclear exactly what they are) that have gravitational fields. How do you know they have gravitational fields? Because you can see them! When you aim your bird, you are shown the bird’s trajectory with a bright red line. That may seem like cheating, but the gravitational fields present super interesting challenges. For instance, if you overshoot your target, you will continue orbiting around the asteroid until you skid to a landing. In other instances, you can use the gravitational field to throw you farther to a target that might be out of reach otherwise.

Also, you’re not only shooting at these pigs from space into an asteroid, you are sometimes shooting from one gravitational field into another, or within a gravitational field, or from within a gravitational field into the anti-gravity of space.

This makes the importance of finger and thumb accuracy even more important in this version of Angry Birds. Which is good and bad. It’s good because the rules of this world are well thought out and defined, but it’s bad because just the slightest tremble in your pointer finger, and your perfect shot turns into a little birdie lost in space.

The music is kind of Loony Tunes meets 2001 Space Odyssey meets David Bowie, but I usually play with the sound muted anyway. If you left it on, it certainly isn’t terrible. I’ve heard much worse from many other smart phone games.

All in all, I predict that I will end up spending far too much time playing this game and become angrier and angrier as I advance in levels. In other words, mission accomplished, Angry Birds! Mission accomplished.

Are you a fan?

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