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Game of Thrones: The Food Trucks

Game of Thrones: The Food Trucks

Gearing up for the Season Two premiere of Game of Thrones can be more grueling than an expedition on King’s Road to The Wall. You can work up an appetite worthy of a Dothraki wedding feast. It’s a good thing that world renowned restaurateur Tom Colicchio (of Top Chef fame) is here to fill our gullets with sustenance.

In plainer language, an awesome guy who owns a crap-load of restaurants has food carts in New York City (and LA next week) that will be serving foods from the Seven Kingdoms! This is a GoT fan’s dream come true! Especially if, like me, you’re not only a GoT nerd, but a food nerd, too!

Today’s dish comes from King’s Landing. It’s a crispy trout with almond butter and cumquat chutney. While I can’t exactly see a guy like Robert Baratheon delicately nibbling on a filet of anything (he seemed like more of a leg ‘o dead animal guy, may he rest in peace), it does look friggin’ delish!

Apparently they’re going to cover all Seven Kingdoms in the coming days. All I have to say is if I don’t see a dragon egg frittata on the menu somewhere, heads are going on spikes.

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