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A Facebook Chat Between The Joker and Two-Face

A Facebook Chat Between The Joker and Two-Face

Joker: dude!

Two-Face: bro

Joker: whatup?

Two-Face: nothin. watchin tv.

Joker: what r u watchin?

Two-Face: flippin back n forth

breakfast club and some show about this dude who got his head trapped in a lawnmower

Joker: i love breakfast club!

Two-Face: me 2!

“if i have to come here again im crackin skulls!”

Joker: lol!

“i taped larry lesters buns together!”

Two-Face: rofl!

u crazy!

Joker: so r u! both of u!

Two-Face: ah!! got me…


whateva…im a psycho!!

Joker: lets go do something

Two-Face: ya, im borrrrrrred

i heard b-man is out of town. we got the city to ourselves

Joker: gaaaahhh!!

no way!! whered u hear that?

Two-Face: ivy heard it from catwoman who heard it from freeze who heard it from penguin who pays off this cop to give him info

Joker: sick!

i feel like a teenager at a morgue on halloween

Two-Face: huh?

Joker: yknow, cuz like, teenagers like dead bodies and halloween is cool

Two-Face: um, ok


Two-Face: what should we do 1st?

Joker: lets rig the video games at gotham arcade so they explode in kids faces

Two-Face: lol! nice!

lets give swords to the monkeys at the zoo and watch em fight

Joker: yes!

then lets break in to the health club and fill the jacuzzis with acid!

Two-Face: omg! ur sick!

we should take over the olive garden and invite everyone

Joker: endless breadstix!!!!!!! yummmmmerrrrsssssss!!

Two-Face: endless everything! we’ll shoot the manager!

Joker: hoorayyyyy!!!

lets do it!

Two-Face: im gonna go get dressed!!

Joker: make sure to put on ur best face!

Two-Face: lol!

u dumb!

Joker: : )

“dont u…forget about me…”

Two-Face: dont dont dont dont…

Joker: haha!

2nites gonna be awesome

Two-Face: more awesome than when we sunk that cruise ship of jazz musicians

Joker: more awesome than when we blew up that justin bieber concert

Two-Face: more awesome than when we released poison gas at that chili cook-off

Joker: more awesome than when we released cobras at wal-mart

Two-Face: more awesome than when we ditched penguin at cheesecake factory

Joker: lol! lol! bwhahahahaha!!

Two-Face: ok, im goin to get dressed

c u in a few

Joker: byeeeeee

(Thanks, DeathDolohov, for the request!)

Who do YOU want to see in a Facebook chat?

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