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5 Things About Last Night's Game of Thrones (Season 2 Episode 2)

5 Things About Last Night's Game of Thrones (Season 2 Episode 2)

There are a whole lot of pieces on the move in this throney game… that is, until some amorous redhead knocks all the pieces to the floor. Here’s stuff we noticed in Episode 2 of Game of Thrones!

1. Theon Greyjoy: kind of a horndog. Seriously, dude. Random girl on the boat with the goofy teeth. Random girl at the dock. Oh, and then random girl at the dock turns out to be… his sister.  All together now: Eeeeeeeew. And maybe not the best way to convince your dad to fight for the Starks, Theo. Oops.

2. Sam: also a ladies’ man? We guess sometimes that goofy, round “oh I’ve never even talked to a girl” face works? Or was it proving his limitless bravery… by shooing away his best friend’s (giant, special-effect-enhanced) dog? Either way, nice job, Samwise! Nice job getting Jon Snow in trouble. That’s on you if he gets his hand chopped off. (And yes, we know his name isn’t really Samwise. We're still calling him that, we don’t care.)

3. Stannis’s initiation into the Lord of Light cult looks like fun! First there was that flaming-sword ceremony from last week’s episode. We've got to be honest, we wish our Bar Mitzvah had been like that. And on top of the world map, too. HEY GUYS DO  YOU THINK THAT’S SUPPOSED TO BE SOME KIND OF SYMBOLISM BECAUSE WE KIND OF THINK IT IS.

4. Tyrion’s kinda better at Hand-of-Kinging than ol’ Ned was. How long has he been at King’s Landing, anyway? Couple of days? And there he is, blocking Varys from three feet off the ground, sending Commander Babykiller off to the wall, putting Han Solo—err, Bronn—in command. And then we got Round 2 of Tyrion vs. Cersei. She’s been kind of flailing around a bit since getting Joffrey the throne, and if there’s one thing brothers are good at worldwide, it’s calling you out for being a screw-up. And did she play her trump card—you killed Mom by being born—too soon? Once that’s out, where do you go from there?

And finally,

5. Of course Arya and Gendry are going to be BFFs—they have the same haircut!

What did you notice about last night's episode?

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