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Tweets from History

Tweets from History

It’s hard to believe that Twitter has been around for six years now. But what if it had been around for even longer? We hopped in our history-altering time machine (err, we made some stuff up) and took a look back at some famous tweets in history:

@PaulyRevere – THE BRITISH R COMING!!!! PLEASE RT #Let’sstartacountry

@ChuckDarwin – Noticed some stuff about birds. This is gonna be big. #Wecomefrommonkeys

@Napoleon – This island sucks. Can someone send me some Sudoku or something? #Elba

@IsaacNewt – Totally got a case of the brain farts. Can’t think of any good scientific principles. Gonna go chill under an apple tree. #Hopenonefallonmyhead

@VinnyVangogh –Totes just cut my own ear off. NBD. #ItHurts

@ChrisColumbus – Dudes, just made it to India. Weird though, doesn’t look like India. Whatevs. #NewWorld

@BigJulesCaeser – Grabbin a bite with Brutus later on. That dude’s solid. Hit me on the cell if you want to come. #Friends

@GeorgeWash – Anyone know a good dentist. Just found out my last guy MADE MY TEETH OUT OF WOOD! #Scammed

@GeneralCuster – About to make a stand at Little Big Horn. Definitely won’t be my last. #Lotsmorestandsafterthis

@BennyFranklin – Anyone got a kite and a key I can borrow? I’m gonna try something. #Shocking

@JohnDaBaptist – FF @JesusofNazareth. Def throw this dude a follow, he’s legit.

@LewisNClark – Headed to Cali Friday!!!!!! Taking the long route, cause there is no other route. #HopeThere’saNorthwestPassage

@JonasSalk – Yo Twitter Peeps, I’m bout 2 dropkick Polio. Stay Tuned. #Vaccine

@HenryDa8th – Anyone down to cruise for some chicki-poos later on? Things didn’t quite work out with Anne B. #ICutherheadoff

@JoannyfromtheArc – Hearing some voices lately. Pretty sure it’s God, but I might be getting punk’d by Jean De Metz. Either way, bout to get wild on the English. #this100yearwarislong

@MarcoPolo – I’m really into exploring right now, but my real dream is to one day be a children’s pool game. #Marco…

@TheRealKarlMarx – Can somebody tell me whether or not capitalism is involved in this twitter machine? These tweets better be distributed equally regardless of class. #TwitterManifesto

Which historical figures would you like to hear from in 140 characters or less?

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