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10 Things We Want to See Arya Stark Do

10 Things We Want to See Arya Stark Do

Girls just want to have fun! Unless you’re Arya Stark, then girls just want to be boys who carry swords and avenge the death of their father.

Either way, this week’s episode of Thrones was a veritable cornucopia of great Arya moments. It gave us the thought: Arya seems like she could do anything, so… what else do we want to see Arya take on that she hasn’t yet?

Here are some of our ideas:

1. Become Westeros High class president and outlaw the carrying of bookbags at school. And battleaxes.

2. Open the first Dairy Queen on the northern side of The Wall where they’ll serve Actual Blizzards.

3. Produce and star in a VH1 reality show called “Arya’s House” where knights compete to stay in the good graces of the young lad/lass. The losers are, of course, disemboweled.

4. Sell a line of knitting needles that are shaped like her sword, The Needle.

5. Become the spokesperson for Fiery Farts brand Baby Dragon Diapers.

6. Host a late night talk show with Tyrion as the Ed McMahon style cohost.

7. Open a chain of incest-themed steakhouses.

8. Convince Louis Vuitton to design a limited edition broadsword with their logo on it.

9. Build a detailed chess set out of pewter with the pieces in the shape of mythical creatures like Lawyers, Doctors, and Accountants.

10. Write a musical called “My Fair Wilding,” where a Lannister nobleman turns a baby-sacrificing Wilding into an upright and respectable member of society. Who then goes on a quest and kills lots of people.

What do you want to see Arya do?

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