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JK Rowling's New Book, The Casual Vacancy

JK Rowling's New Book, The Casual Vacancy

OK Sparklers… are you all ready to SCREAM!? Gimme a J! Gimme a K! What’s that spell!?

JK ROWLING! And we finally have more awesome details on her brand new book, The Casual Vacancy!

Okay… breathe. Deep breaths. You’re hyperventilating. Better? Good. Now, find a red crayon and a calendar and circle SEPTEMBER 27TH, 2012 about a billion times, because that’s the day that The Casual Vacancy is being released.

Hold on a second. Stop screaming! You know I can’t understand you when you’re hysterically crying from joy and screaming at the same time… what’s the book about, you ask?

Great question! The Casual Vacancy starts in the tiny, seemingly peaceful town of Pagford, England, when a parish council member named Barry Fairweather dies. That single event catapults this placid setting into the cattiest, fighting-est, backstabbing-est boiling cauldron of a hamlet the English countryside has ever seen!

Now, I’m just not going to answer any more questions until you stop clawing at your own face and rending your garments. What’s that? No wizards, you say? Or magic wands?

That’s right. This novel has nothing to do with magic, spellcasting, or flying broomsticks. This is a strictly Muggle novel. And, Rowling says, it’s aimed toward an adult audience.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it too! If you’ve loved JK’s prose before, you’ll love it again. And it will be an exciting journey to meet a whole new cast of characters that she’s invented. So mark the date, save those pennies…

…and, for the love of God, get up off of the floor from the fetal position.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how excited are you for this book?

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