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Worst Cities to Tape a TV Show In

Worst Cities to Tape a TV Show In

Matt Groening, the creator of The Simpsons, recently revealed that Springfield, Oregon is the inspiration for the Springfield in the show. While we’re not sure if that’s a compliment or an insult to the real city of Springfield, one thing’s for sure: not every city is camera ready.

We’ve compiled a short list of some of the cities that we’re pretty sure wouldn’t be a great place to film a TV show in:

Bogota, Colombia
While we’ve heard that the Colombian countryside is beautiful this time of year, the city of Bogota is much better known for its ongoing violence connected to the drug trade. Also, crew members might start going missing, since it also has one of the highest rates of kidnapping of any city in South America.

New Delhi, India
If you were to shoot anything there, you’d probably want to make sure the cast had a good supply of bottled water. The Yamuna River, which flows through the middle of town, hasn’t had fish in it for years due to pollution. Sewage flows freely down this river, so set up the makeup trailer somewhere else!

Kaffeklubben Island, North of Greenland
You can’t get more north than this! No, seriously… you really can’t. This island is the farthest north that any solid piece of land lies. We seriously doubt that Courtney Cox or Jerry Seinfeld would put up with the harsh weather conditions up here. And the cell phone reception isn’t that great, either.

Dallol, Etheopia
With an average (that is to say, eh… just another normal day) temperature of 95 degrees Fahrenheit, Dallol is the hottest city in the world. If you were going to film anything here, it wouldn’t be on film. Because it would melt. Luckily it isn’t too humid, so Jennifer Anniston’s hair wouldn’t suffer, at least.

Manchester, United Kingdom
According to a list put together by Foursquare based on the percentage of curse words found in their check-in recommendations, Manchester tops out as the cursingest, rudest, crudest city in the English speaking world. Although, if the show was going to be on HBO, that actually might help.

Peoria, Illinois
Have you been? No? Trust us.

Did we miss a city/town?

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