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An Ode To Game Of Thrones

An Ode To Game Of Thrones

John Keats notably restored the ode form to popularity when he penned his English-Lit-101-renowned "Ode on a Grecian Urn" in 1819. Coupled with his racier, higher-rated follow-up, "Ode on Gray's Anatomy," Keats initiated a centuries-long dialogue between poetry and the visual arts. In honor of Keats' swag, and the ongoing National Poetry Month (have you oded yet?), we lovingly present the following ode on, arguably, the greatest work of art to grace contemporary television. Forsooth: 'tis an Ode to Jersey Shore.

Actually, 'tis an Ode to Game of Thrones. Alas, fair Snook' hath spamm'd all of my e-sonnets. Such is the fool's game of love, eh?

Ode To A Game Of Thrones
'Pon my shelf stand five abreast,
wreathed in cardstock and Cheeto crumb,
tales of war and weird incest
with two more volumes yet to come.

A Game, a Clash, a Storm, a Feast,
A Dance of Dragons with aplomb
thus frame my cries from West to East:

Your lore of Westeros so vast,
your depth of character so real,
How could I deign to skim half-assed
and sit on time at family meals?

Mum's meatloaf mush cannot eclipse
your sumptuous prose of roasted boar,
nor sloppy oven fish and chips
rival jerked Dothraki horse.

But lo, as Sunday's sup concludes
Strange thoughts invade my family's head,
Of Joffrey smug, of Dany nude
And—spoiler alert!—Ned Stark totes dead.

Another hunger thus supplants
Silver fork for remote control
While as a clan we all incant
The ancient rites of HBO.

Game of Thrones, thou cable king!
Thou bloody, sexy fantasy!
So rich in world developing
All in this house may worship thee.

"Tyrion Lannister is the best,"
Quoth my dad with ep. half done,
"That imp solves fam'ly business
like every day's Godfather one."

"My heart just weeps for Catelyn Stark,"
Mum mumbles with a shudder.
"I love how Jaime STABBED those jerks,"
retorts my crazy brother.

Arya earns my sister's heart,
While I applaud Jon Snow,
But 'tis in chorus we impart,
"By the gods! I love this show!"

Henceforth to Game of Thrones do we
now hoist our flagons tall—
O! best franchise since BSG
to make nerds of us all.

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