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7 Reasons Amazing Spider-Man Is Going to Beat Raimi's Spider-Man

7 Reasons Amazing Spider-Man Is Going to Beat Raimi's Spider-Man

Hold it, hold it, rabid Raimi fans! Please note: I love Spider-Man just as much as you. I think every character, from Peter Parker to Norman Osborn, could be explored again and again and again in fascinating different ways. I’m such a Spider-Man freak I’ve even watched the original ’67 TV show (where Spider-Man doesn’t swing from building to building so much as sit comfily on air and wave his arms). I love Spider-Man, and that’s why I’m super excited for this new film.

It’s going to follow the comics more closely. Here’s the main problem with the Spider-Man films directed by Sam Raimi: they didn’t follow the comics. Looking at the first one alone, we have several problems:

1) Peter Parker is in college for most of the film, not high school, like the comics. 2) Parker is a photographer, not a science genius with mad skizzles. 3) They took the character Gwen Stacy and switched her name to Mary Jane Watson, ruining both characters (besides turning her into Lois Lane). 4) Organic web-shooters. More on that in a moment.

Peter Parker appears more faithful to the material. Tobey Maguire did a great job portraying his version of Peter Parker, but his version wasn’t the real Peter Parker. Tobey Maguire believably played a weird but somehow charming dork, but Peter Parker is an awkward, witty super-nerd. Andrew Garfield, from the looks of the trailers, is already doing a better job at that.

The Green Goblin won’t be in it. A fact must be faced; Gobby was done terribly in Spider-Man. Willem Dafoe was great, don’t get me wrong, but from the stiff mask to the leprechaun-green suit to the silly plans he made, Gobby just wasn’t Gobby. If you still disagree, consider this: the Green Goblin is Spider-Man’s Joker (if slightly less awe-inspiring). He’s an insane genius. Parker would never have been able to take a real Green Goblin when just starting out as Spider-Man. No, friends, the Green Goblin is a third-movie villain.

Conversely, the Lizard will be in it. Not only is the Lizard a great villain period, the Lizard is a great first movie villain. Not too brainy: he mostly utilizes instinct and strength. That’s the kind of villain a first movie Spider-Man needs to fight.

The technology has caught up with the demand of realism. This is nothing against the Raimi films, because their CG animation was really great for back then. Now, however, we can get even more out of those great swinging sequences.

We can begin to forget all about Spider-Man 3. And hope that one day director Marc Webb will actually do Venom the right way.

It’s time for a more science-based Spider-Man. Spider-Man is all about science. His enemies, almost completely, are either scientists using their inventions for evil, scientists whose experiments went wrong, or victims (and sometimes participants) subjected to genetic, chemical or mechanical change by science.

Also, Spider-Man in the comics is a genius. He invents his web-shooters (no, webs don’t just start shooting out of his hands. If Raimi wanted to be really true to spider anatomy, Spider-Man should’ve started spinning webs from his rear) and other gadgets, and he uses his intellect to defeat a colorful rogues gallery of villains, who are often teaming up to fight him. This is the true pull of Spider-Man for nerds like me.

Are you excited for Amazing Spider-Man?

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