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More Game Shows That Never Made It To Television

More Game Shows That Never Made It To Television

Earlier this week, we blew your mind with Game Shows that Never Made it to Television. TURNS OUT THERE ARE MORE. Prepare yourselves, Hutheads:

Sniff the Fish! Blindfolded contestants put their noses to the test for cash and prizes as they attempt to correctly guess which fish they are sniffing. Careful, though…some of those fish might not be fish at all! It could be old garbage…or a bucket of spoiled milk…or the poo of an English bulldog named Spencer. Y’never know!

Have a Nice Clay What can you sculpt in 22 minutes??? It’s a race against time as teams of 3 must create a sculpture using 1,000 pounds of clay! Have a Nice Clay!

Moshing For Apples Crank up the band and stretch those limbs! Moshing For Apples “pits” contestants against each other in a giant mosh pit to see who could collect the most apples that have been scattered about. Careful, you don’t wanna break a leg! Featuring the music of Slayer.

FrogSmash! Frog what?? Frog who?? FrogSmash!!!! Answer enough questions to choose the best weapon, then get smashin’! Whoever smashes the most frogs in the bog wins cash and prizes!

American Napper A panel of judges will give honest critiques of who can nap the best. The winner will go on to win a contract with Tempur-Pedic Mattress to be their new spokesperson!

Jalapeno Party What’s better than a party? A Jalapeno Party! Contestants will smash piñatas filled with jalapenos, then attempt to eat as many as they can, all while dressed up as jalapenos. It’s even hosted by a jalapeno!

Race to the Bowl The action is fast and furious as contestants eat as much of the Ruby Tuesdays as they can in Round 1. In Round 2 it’s a mad dash home to see if they can make it to the outhouse before…well, y’know.

BabyChase! Baby what?? Baby who?? BabyChase!! From the creators of FrogSmash, it’s BabyChase where contestants will chase after babies. Collect the most and win!

Are You Smarter Than A Cheeto? It’s the ultimate showdown of Man vs. Cheetos as the two square off to see who will earn bragging rights as the smarter player.

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