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A Facebook Chat Between Mr. Freeze & Scarecrow

A Facebook Chat Between Mr. Freeze & Scarecrow

Mr. Freeze: heyo!

Scarecrow: dude…

Mr. Freeze: whatup? havent seen ya

Scarecrow: i know. i been feelin poopy

Mr. Freeze: u comin down w. a COLD?

Scarecrow: hardy har…u should be a standup comedian

Mr. Freeze: i would but im afraid of audiences bein COLD to me

Scarecrow: wow

Mr. Freeze: lol! i cant help it

i got ocd…i think

Scarecrow: yea, u got ocd

u obsessed w. bad jokes

Mr. Freeze: aw cmon

dont gimme the COLD shoulder

Scarecrow: take it easy freeze pop

Mr. Freeze: hey! i told u not to call me that!

Scarecrow: k i wont

Mr. Freeze: only catwoman gets to call me that

Scarecrow: yea yea, i get it

the hot chick in the leather can do what she wants

hows that goin btw?

Mr. Freeze: not 2 good

i kinda told her i like her

Scarecrow: dude!

Mr. Freeze: i know

bad move

she said she just wants to be friends

Scarecrow: thats not so bad

u can still hang out and not be weird

Mr. Freeze: yea but i still like her

i thought she liked me too

i just wanna g/f…


Mr. Freeze: anyway

Scarecrow: yea since when did u change your name to Captain Emo?

Mr. Freeze: whatever man

u stayin in this week or u feelin better?

we got a heist planned for the bank

Scarecrow: the bank? again???

how many times we gonna do the bank?

Mr. Freeze: its easy money and penguin always has an inside man

Scarecrow: wait a sec


Mr. Freeze: yea…

BUT, he doesnt need the cash so we get to keep his share

Scarecrow: so wtf is he goin for?

Mr. Freeze: idk

he just wants to hang out i guess

Scarecrow: hes so annoying

his breath smells like tuna and he takes up two seats in the car

i gassed him one time and all he was afraid of was lettuce and makeup

frikkin weirdo

Mr. Freeze: i know

it wont be that bad

we could always just tell him that we all have to be up early the next day

then ditch him and go to Dennys

Scarecrow: hmmm…

ill think about it

Mr. Freeze: k

text me and lemme know

Scarecrow: i will

Mr. Freeze: feel better homie

Scarecrow: k thx freeze pop

Mr. Freeze: hey!

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