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New Spider-Man/Avengers Action Figures

New Spider-Man/Avengers Action Figures

If you’re an avid action figure collector like myself, then you certainly know that Hasbro’s been knocking it out of the park with their Marvel Universe and Marvel Legends line of action figures of late! And just when we thought they revealed everything to be released this summer, Hasbro gives us yet another sneak peek at what to expect on our next toy store run: Loki’s Army figures and, at last, Ultimate Spider-Man, a.k.a. Miles Morales, in action figure form!

Loki’s Army 3.75-Inch Figure (The Avengers line)

Two things. One, Loki’s army is definitely not the Skrulls of Secret Invasion-fame that fans everywhere assumed them to be. And two, we finally have a still, high quality image of what they’ll look like. That said, this looks like a great toy with a terrific sculpt, even if the missile-firing feature seems a tad unnecessary (making it a regular axe would’ve been enough). Just imagine buying more than one of these guys and lining them up behind the Loki action figure. Plastic epicness...

Loki’s Army 3.75-Inch Power-Up Mission Packs (The Avengers line)

Battle axes with missile-firing action? That’s nice and all, but you can’t fly around on an axe like it was a sky chariot with missile capabilities that actually make sense. In all seriousness, that’s a pretty sleek-looking toy right there, and the fact that it comes with an action figure makes for a very nice bonus (you can never have enough troops in one’s army). And like the standard rank-and-file Loki’s Army figures, it’s mandatory that you buy more than one, because you can’t expect Loki to fight the Avengers all by himself. They have a Hulk, after all.

Marvel Universe Spider-Man Variant (Marvel Universe line)

Even though the next wave of Marvel Universe figures featuring the Ultimate Spider-Man figure hasn’t been release yet, the fact that Hasbro has gone ahead and showed off the Miles Morales variant is only making the wait that much harder. Fans have been wondering when Hasbro would (if ever -- release Morales immortalized in toy form, and it looks like their (and ours) prayers were answered. With the Marvel Universe line already having the Ultimate Captain America and Gray Hulk variant figures under its belt, we’re getting closer to having a 3.75-inch Ultimate Marvel Universe!

6-Inch Ultimate Comics Spider-Man

Not big on the 3.75-inch line and more of a fan of the Marvel Legends figures? Fear not, fans of Miles Morales. Hasbro is also releasing Ultimate Comics Spider-Man in 6-Inch form as well... with a web shield and display stand! Granted, it’s not technically a part of the Marvel Legends line, but rather the Spider-Man line. Regardless, that doesn’t it can’t find some way into your Legends collection since they’re all roughly the same size. But with two versions of Ultimate Spider-Man toys being released, it really makes one wonder which one Brian Michael Bendis will be adorning his office with. Heck, why not both?

Will you be adding any of these action figures to your collection?

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