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Doctor Who's Amy Pond is Officially On Twitter!

Doctor Who's Amy Pond is Officially On Twitter!

As a former wannabe Luddite, I have trouble believing that I am actually excited about this recent turn of events. It’s true, years ago the hipster in me just could not handle all that twittering, bookfacing nonsense. Perhaps I thought that Cylons could potentially use any posted information against us. Perhaps I was more afraid of what market researchers would do with such information. In any case, I was hesitant to be a part of these new virtual trends.

My, how things have changed.

But seriously, we’re talking about Amy Pond (Karen Gillan) from Doctor Who. In this instance, my tingling geek sense far outweighs any old reservations I had on social networking via the Internet. Amy Pond, companion to the Doctor, mother to River Song, wife to Rory, and my fellow redhead, has finally entered the world of the tweet.

It’s rather surprising that it took this long, considering she’s been a public figure since the fifth season, practically entering alongside the eleventh incarnation of the Doctor himself. Arthur Darvil, Gillan’s costar and chum, has been tweeting for a while now, happy to share with his adoring fans even the most mundane happenings. Darvil has also been kind enough to comment on Gillan’s virgin tweet mistakes, such as forgetting to turn off her email notifications resulting in the death of her phone battery.

Gee. Must be hard having so many people adore you.

Darvil isn’t the only member of the Doctor Who gang to jump on this bandwagon, however. Steven Moffatt, Scottish writer and producer, is also no stranger to tweeting. He continues to happily fill the Internet with fun nerd facts, BBC updates, and profuse usage of delightful UK slang, like “blimey,” “sod,” and “rubbish.” He too rejoiced in the induction of Karen Gillan into Twitterland, reassuring the fans and telling us to “Stand by, the web - it's really her.”

Now, all this jubilation is lovely, and I am quite onboard with it all. However, it does beg this question: When, oh when, will our beloved Matt Smith bless us with a tweet? I’m talking about the eleventh Doctor himself, with his swooping hair and charmingly funny face. The man who singlehandedly showed me how to let go of David Tenant as the only Time Lord I thought I could ever love. The man who rocks a bowtie, Stetson, and tweed jacket better than anyone else in the universe. Surely, he must have a twitter as well? Yes, there is a Matt Smith account in existence, but alas, it has not been verified. Neither has Karen Gillan’s, but unlike the Matt Smith account, we have Steven Moffat and Arthur Darvil to back her up.

Who knows? Maybe one day, aliens will suck out our souls, and we’ll rue the day we posted the information that allowed them to do so. Maybe market researchers will reduce the public to little more than consumer drones. Maybe the almighty Internet herself will turn on us, demanding that we spend our lives staring at the screen, amusing ourselves to death as foretold by the prophet Neil Postman.

But then, on that fateful day, we will look back and say, “Aye, but then there was that one time when Amy Pond joined Twitter.”

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