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EVEN MORE Game Shows That Never Made It To Television

EVEN MORE Game Shows That Never Made It To Television

There are A LOT of game show ideas that never make it to TV. But we can't figure out why these got the axe.

Win, Lose, or Farm It’s a brand new trivia game show where teams of contestants must answer as many questions as they can. Stuck on a question? Challenge the other team to farm an entire crop of vegetables before the winter comes! Win…Lose…or Farm!

Shakespeare with Crackers in Your Mouth Contestants will attempt to recite Hamlet, MacBeth, Romeo & Juliet, and all your favorite stories with a handful of saltines crammed in their mouths. Some will win!  Some will lose! Some might choke! Fun for the whole family!

Name That Horse! Blindfolded contestants will attempt to correctly guess which horse they are riding by smelling it’s breath and dancing with it! Giddyup!!

Saw: The Game Show That rascal Jigsaw is at it again! Can you successfully release yourself from a human-sized mouse trap for a trip to Italy??? How about diving into a pool of barracudas to retrieve the key for a brand new Honda Civic??? Or perhaps you’d like to trade one of your limbs for a chance to spin the Wheel of Life where if you land on the right spot, you get to live!

Wheel of Trigonometry How sharp are your math skills? They better be topnotch if you wanna spin the Wheel of Trigonometry. From the creators of Wheel of Fortune, this is a game where you spin a wheel of trigonometric problems. Solve for x, and you get the chance to go to the board and show everyone else! It’s the most boring game ever! Tune in!

Extreme Darts All the excitement of darts, but with an EXTREME EDGE!! Conestants will try to avoid being tackled, pegged with dodgeballs, and attacked by dogs as they race across a field to a dartboard where they will ai for the bullseye. Darts have never been so extreme.

Survivor: Post Office The smash hit reality show relocates to the deserted and dangerous Post Office. Watch as they navigate long lines of old people with nothing to eat, but old stamps. 18 players. 1 winner. Who will survive…the Post Office???

Lip Sync to History Contestants will mouth the words to famous speeches throughout history. Whoever comes closest will win 50,000 dollars! The Gettysburg Address, “I Have a Dream,” even Barack Obama’s swaggerific speech after announcing the death of bin Laden. They’re all here, ready to be lip synced to!

How Many Candles Can You Eat? Well? How many???

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