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Why You Should be Watching Sherlock

Why You Should be Watching Sherlock

On May 6th, the best series that you’re not watching makes its triumphant return to our shores. Yes, Sherlock is back. Sure, our friends abroad and anyone who understands how Bit Torrent works has already seen the second season, but there is something special to the communal experience of watching great television as a nation. Now, you may not have even heard of this iteration of the great detective, considering its slick Robert Downey Jr.-starring cousin has been gobbling up any deerstalker-sporting attention for the past few years, but here are a few reasons you should be tuning in.

Reason #1: You Love Doctor Who

What do Sherlock and Doctor Who have in common? Showrunner Steven Moffat. The man behind the two most recent seasons of Doctor Who and classic new Who episodes such as “Blink,” “The Girl in the Fire Place,” and “The Doctor Dances” takes the reins of this updated take on Sherlock and imports many of his techniques that has made his Doctor Who tenure so superb. There’s an impatient superhuman who fires quips at sidekicks. It doesn’t hold your hand, and forces you to engage in the story. Finally, it values cleverness in its characters above all other traits.

Reason #2: You Love A Good Supervillain

Lex Luthor. The Joker. Norman Osborn. Red Skull. These are merely successors to the supervillain throne. The first of them all was Moriarty. In the original stories, Moriarty was a shadowy figure that only appeared in a few tales. In Sherlock, he’s the primary villain with his hand in every event. Instead of the shrouded professor, this Moriarty is Holmes’ equal and opposite. He’s a sociopathic criminal whose only motivation is to demonstrate how clever he is.

Reason #3: You Love Bromances

The classical portrayal of Holmes and Watson has Watson as a buffoon to Holmes’ genius. In Sherlock, the two are equals, albeit in greatly different ways. While Holmes has a great mind, he has difficulty dealing with others. This is contrasted by Watson’s easy likability and social nature. The main storyline of Sherlock is how the duo’s friendship grows and evolves. This is mostly expressed through quick quips and snarky insults. A show with so many murders in it should not be as funny as Sherlock.

Reason #4: You Love Mysteries

Sure, Edgar Allan Poe invented the mystery, but Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and his series of Sherlock Holmes books perfected it. Even if you’ve read the entire Holmes canon, you can still watch Sherlock and be surprised. This show doesn’t faithfully adapt each story and set it in Victorian England. Instead, it is set in present-day London. The plot to each episode is based on a classic Holmes story, but adds touches such as texts, the internet, and mass media to make it current. Of course, Holmes nerds can find Easter egg references to classic tales hidden throughout every episode. These mysteries are intricate, and they’re smart. Hats off to you if you solve them before Sherlock does.

Reason #5: It’s Easy to Catch Up

The first season of Sherlock is on Netflix. At only three episodes in length, how have you not watched it already?!

Will you watch Sherlock?

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