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Free Comic Book Day: The Best Day of All

Free Comic Book Day: The Best Day of All

Pop quiz, nerds: what is the best day of the year for getting free stuff?

Okay, yeah, Christmas (or your winter holiday of choice) is great. Birthdays are awesome too, no doubt. But for those of us who get way too excited just thinking about the things Joss Whedon's going to do to The Avengers, there's another day we need to know: FREE COMIC BOOK DAY.

Since 2002, the first Saturday of every May has been a very special day at comic book stores all around the country. That day, every major publisher (and a bunch of smaller ones) send shops one or two of their books to give away FOR FREE, no catch. Certain stores might limit you on how many free books you take, or ask that beyond one or two free comics you make a charitable donation, but basically, Free Comic Book Day is your day to get awesome swag.

This year, FCBD's tenth anniversary, is no different. In fact, the offerings from comic companies this year are particularly excellent, what with the Avengers movie coming out that weekend, DC knee-deep in its New 52 universe, and so on. We're going to run down the free books that every shop participating in Free Comic Book Day will have to give away this Saturday. There are a few dozen titles your local store might have, as well; for a complete list of titles and participating stores, check out And if you don't know where the closest comic shop to you is located, you can plug in your zip code to to get the skinny.

So remember, head to your local comics establishment THIS SATURDAY, MAY 5 and score the free books below:

From Marvel Comics: Avengers: Age of Ultron
Earth's Mightiest Heroes must team up to defeat an evil artificial intelligence in this kick-off to one of the biggest comic stories of 2012!

From Bongo Comics: Bongo Free-For-All/Spongebob Freestyle
Bongo's the leading provider of licensed humor comics, which means this book will deliver hilarious tales featuring two of animated comedy's biggest names … the Simpsons and Spongebob Squarepants!

From DC Comics: The New 52 Special Edition
According to head writer/Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns (who talked about this at C2E2), this comic's essential reading for anybody following DC's new storylines. It promises to answer questions about how their new universe came to be, and features amazing art from industry legend Jim Lee. (At the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo, Johns teased a four-page pull-out spread from Lee. Awesome.)

From Image Comics: Image 20
This sampler from premiere indie publisher Image previews six upcoming books by creators like Mike Allred, Steve Niles and Tim Seeley.

From Archie Comics: Mega Man (?!)
Archie Comics found major success in the past year with their Mega Man comic. This FCBD edition recaps the popular video game character's origin.

From Archaia Entertainment: Mouse Guard
Fantasy publisher Archaia has really gone all-out for Free Comic Book Day… they're giving away a 48-page HARDCOVER featuring their ever-popular adventuring animals in Mouse Guard (think of it as the comic book version of the Redwall novels). Mouse Guard has proven to be an incredibly popular investment; it wouldn't be surprising if this book gets under-ordered by retailers and is the first to go at many shops.

From Boom Entertainment: Peanuts/Adventure Time Flipbook
Combining the old with the new, Boom plans to give readers two of their most popular all-ages titles with comic strips featuring Charles Schultz' classic Peanuts characters, as well as the mega-popular Cartoon Network series Adventure Time.

From Dark Horse: Star Wars/Serenity Flipbook
This sci-fi celebration focuses on everyone's favorite ship-captaining rogues—Han Solo and Mal Reynolds! It's even written by Serenity creator Joss Whedon's brother Zack!

From IDW: Transformers #80.5
This one's for old-school Transformers fans. It picks up where the original Marvel Comics Transformers series left off way back in 1991—with issue #80. It even features the same writer and artist from that series! If you love your Robots in Disguise in a retro way, get this book.

From Oni Press: Yo Gabba Gabba Super indie publisher Oni captures the wacky humor of Nickelodeon's popular all-ages show in this FCBD offering.

Which books are you going to try to get?

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