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This One Goes to Eleven: Five Ways Matt Smith Rocks as Doctor Who

This One Goes to Eleven: Five Ways Matt Smith Rocks as Doctor Who

To many Whovians, the end of David Tennant’s reign as the 10th Doctor came all too soon. From his brown pinstriped suit to his deliciously dorky spectacles, he was one gorgeous Gallifreyan through and through—and not just because he’s the last Time Lord in the universe. We fell in love with his intense gaze, his absurd wordplay, and his predilection for the French expression “Alons-y!” We laughed at his witticisms, wept for his tragic losses, and swooned at his steamy chemistry with the faithful companion Rose. When his time came to an end, panic swept over all of Doctor Who fandom as we pondered, “Who could possibly fill such large white Converse trainers?” Speaking figuratively, of course. Every incarnation of the Doctor must have his own pair of shoes.

Enter Matt Smith. When all hope seems lost, never underestimate the power of proper casting. David Tennant will always have a special place in our hearts, but here are five reasons why the 11th Doctor is everything any fan could have hoped for and more.

  • Style

Every Doctor has had a unique approach to fashion, and Matt Smith is no exception. The long swooping hair (“Still not ginger!”) is the perfect complement to the tweed ensemble. The man certainly knows how to accessorize, as demonstrated by his suspenders, bowtie, fez, and later a Stetson.

  • Youth

Born in October 1982, Matt Smith is the youngest Doctor in history, and he’s managed to make it work in his favor. The youth factor brings a new freshness to the character and adds another layer to the energetic wackiness that should always be present in a wibbly-wobbly-timey-wimey Tardis traveler.

  • Generosity

Perhaps correlated to his young age, the 11th Doctor is more generous and cheerful this time around. Previous incarnations, Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant included, were a bit preoccupied with the burden of a Time Lord and the subsequent painful memories associated with the job. By comparison, Matt Smith is slightly more lenient with the rules on interfering with history, especially when there are crying children involved.

  • Gangly Limbs

There is always a certain physical awkwardness about the Doctor, no matter who is playing him. David Tennant, in the words of his companion Donna Noble, was “too skinny for words,” and it added to his charm. Matt Smith is also rather skinny, but far ganglier in the arms and legs. This stature renders his shirts and pants just a tad too short, accentuating that adorable silly strut.

  • Surprising chemistry with River Song

One would think it would be difficult to develop a romantic chemistry on screen with an age gap like the one between Matt Smith and Alex Kingston. With almost two whole decades between them, the actress playing the Doctor’s gun-slinging love interest is old enough to be his mother. But time and space could never be a hindrance to the likes of the Doctor, so why should age matter? Yes, the Doctor/Rose shippers may be up in arms over this couple, but it’s been two seasons. Let the poor man move on!

In the vast continuum of time and space, there may only be room for one Doctor. This Doctor has many faces, however, and there are many more to come. David Tennant was, and shall always be, one of the best incarnations in history. But when you’ve got a universe-rupturing crack in your wall, there’s nothing better than a “raggedy” Matt Smith sitting at the dinner table eating fish fingers and custard.

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