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Final Dark Knight Rises Trailer Debuts. Pick Up Your Jaw!

Final Dark Knight Rises Trailer Debuts. Pick Up Your Jaw!

Two minutes and twenty seconds of WHAT?! And OMG. And DID THAT SERIOUSLY JUST HAPPEN FOR REAL?! That is the only way to describe the final Dark Knight Rises trailer, which debuted last night after fans scoured the globe putting it together frame-by-frame as part of a viral marketing campaign that basically sounds like the coolest thing ever.

Seriously, you could probably write a novel on what you think is going on in this movie (commenters, I'm looking to you for some great speculation). Watch the trailer right here, and then check out some of our thoughts below:

-Christian Bale with a goatee! Whoa! He looks old!

-Some seriously dramatic acting from Anne Hathaway (haters, you gonna accept her yet?)


-A football game, huh? You think it's pro, or college? (there's a reason I'm asking this question...)

-That reason being JGL. This trailer, plus fan speculation, leads me to believe he'll be playing Robin. Perhaps the football scene involves the team at the school where Robin (probably Dick Grayson?) goes to college?

-Wouldn't JGL make an awesome Robin?

-THE BRIDGE BLOWS UP. Guys, read Gates of Gotham. For reals.

-But also, JGL is talking to Catwoman. Is that something Robin would do?

-Thomas Hardy seems like an awesome Bane.

-JGL's talking to that kid about Batman coming back. THAT'S something that a Robin would do (I really want JGL to be Robin).

-Cool, Catwoman has a cycle like Batman in Dark Knight.

-Catwoman and Batman seem to be kind of on the same side here. That's in keeping with her current status as something of a rogue hero.

-Who doesn't love Michael Caine?

-What is JGL doing with his hands? Is he, like, praying, or does he have hand-activate powers? Guys. WHO IS JGL PLAYING?

-Bruce and Selina making out. Oh yeah.

-Do we have a Bat-VTOL? AWESOME.

So, yeah. Do I even need to ask what you're doing on July 20?

What do you think the plot of Dark Knight is based solely on the trailer?

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