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Five Geek Friendly Mother's Day Ideas

Five Geek Friendly Mother's Day Ideas

The official parental appreciation days are fast approaching. That’s right, Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and Dad’s Day is soon to follow. Kids everywhere are scrambling to find just the right gift and planning the perfect way to show Mom she’s the best. But what if Mom doesn’t share any of your interests? What is a poor geek to do, when all you want is to spend quality time with a woman who cares not for spaceships, swordplay, or superheroes?

Fear not, friends. There is hope! The wonderful thing about nerdiness is that you can geek out about pretty much anything. No genre owns the right to unabashed enthusiasm. With a little patience, dedication, and compromise, a stellar Mother’s Day is totally within your reach. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is this:

Divide the sum of your personalities by the square root of your differences, take gratitude squared, then multiply by the number of years your mother spent raising you from a wee little baby nerd.

Voilà! Your Mother's Day Geek Quotient.

If these math skills baffle you, it's understandable. What can I say? The smarts come from my mom. Skip the equation if you must, but take a look at the following ideas for a geek-friendly Mother’s Day.

Museums, Aquariums, and Gardens

Use common sense on this one. If your mom has a deep seated fear of anything squirmy and scaly, don’t do the aquarium. If she prefers bright sights and sounds and you have a tendency to read every single plaque in a fungi exhibition, don’t do the museum.  If either of you suffer from extreme outdoor allergies, don’t take a stroll though an orchid greenhouse (aka pollen chamber). Bearing in mind these potential risks, do your research. You may be pleasantly surprised to find a local destination that appeals to both your interests.


In ancient times, when people wrote things down with pencil and paper and a “kindle” had to do with igniting combustible matter, gadgets probably weren’t a great gift for moms. Nowadays, Aunt Sue is on Twitter, Grandma is on Facebook, and Mom wants to Skype you three times a day while you’re away at school. There is a plethora of fun toys out there to help mom cyber-stalk you and your friends. If you don’t have the budget for something fancy, consider some adorable accessories for a gadget she already has.

School Spirit

Speaking of being away at school, Mom may be one of the many parents out there taking pride in being your personal pep squad. She has 17 sweatshirts with your school’s name on the front, she’s your mascot’s closest personal friend, and she has a garden in her backyard consisting only of flowers that bloom in school colors. Luckily, the campus bookstore is stocked to the ceiling with merchandise to suit these gifting needs. The rest of the year, you can roll your eyes and blush. Mother’s Day is her day, and you have to put up with it.

Period Films

So Mom loves a sappy chick flick, while you prefer something with a bit more depth. A movie set in the olden days might be just the thing! Any story from the brilliant minds of Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, or Alexandre Dumas has the makings of a great movie night. Period films are filled with drama, fun foreign accents, romance, frilly costumes, and the occasional swashbuckling session. Mom can tear up with the beauty of if all, and you can sit back and analyze the symbolism and historical accuracy.


Chances are if you were ever a child, you had a Disney phase. Maybe you never really grew out of it.  A dream is still a wish your heart makes, a magic carpet is still a sweet ride, and Mufasa’s death scene is still 100% weep-worthy. But Disney is so much more than entertainment for kids. Parents get a kick out of the stories and characters too. Souvenirs make great gifts, especially if they’re linked to personal precious moments in your childhood.

Whether or not any of these suggestions work out, the bottom line is that Mother’s Day has nothing to do with you. Every other day of the year, she’s worrying about you, paying for you, praying for you, and cheering for you. This is the one time she is allowed to geek out about anything and everything she wants to, and she deserves it.

Of course, if all else fails, you could always write a nerdy post in her honor.

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