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More of the Hottest Villains

More of the Hottest Villains

The villain hotness from last time could not be confined to only one post. There is so much more villain heat left out there, that it must be released. Here are a few more villains that have heated us up, despite racking up an impressive body count.

MelisandreGame of Thrones/Song of Ice and Fire. Winner of the Mother of the Year Award. She’s obsessed with her one true god of light and fire, and can sometimes be found giving birth to murderous shadow monsters in darkened coves.

Darth Vader Star Wars. Winner of the Bald is Beautiful Award. Sure, DV melted hearts with his adorable rattail (we’ve all gone through that phase), but he really heated up after he took a lava bath and shaved his head.

MaleficentSleeping Beauty. Winner of the Nightmare Fuel Award. With such impressive bone structure, Maleficent missed out on a career on the catwalks of Milan and Paris. Instead, she turned to dark magic. A classic cautionary tale. Stick to looking pretty, or you'll turn yourself into a fat dragon.

SephirothFinal Fantasy VII. Winner of the Pretty Boy Award. When he’s not killing the love of the protagonist’s life, Sephiroth likes to spend time talking obsessively about his mother, and summoning meteors to destroy the world. With those long silver locks and bright blue eyes, what girl could resist?

WillowBuffy the Vampire Slayer. Winner of the Good Girl Gone Bad Award.  You already had a crush on her when she was Buffy’s sweet nerdy friend. Then she decided to turn a dude's skin inside out he killed her girlfriend. Remained pretty hot despite it.

MagnetoX-Men. Winner of the Tall, Dark, and Conflicted Award. Michael Fassbender erased X-Men 3 from our memories with his portrayal of Magneto as an international mutant of mystery/political leader. And dude could rock a turtleneck.

O-Ren IshiiKill Bill. Winner of the Henchmen Stylist Award. Sure, she’s deadly with a samurai sword and took over the Yakuza, but you can’t find more stylish henchmen than the Crazy 88.

Charlie McGeeFirestarter. Winner of the Young Achievers Award. She’s a little girl that starts fires with her mind. There’s nothing hotter than that, right?

The EnchantressThor. Winner of the Shortest Skirt Award. It’s 2012, and comics artists still draw her dressed as if she just walked off the floor of a go-go dance hall in 1967. God bless you comic book artists. She still continues to confuse and confound our blond hero in the comics today, and hopefully, she'll hit the screen in Thor 2 (or 3 or 4 or 5).

JarethLabyrinth. Winner of the “I’m David Bowie” Award. He’s David Bowie. He had an army of Muppets that he used to capture the hearts of teenage girls. He was working too hard. All he needed to say was, “I’m David Bowie.”

Did we miss your hottest villain?

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