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8 Fake Online Games More Pointless Than "Sheep Invaders"

8 Fake Online Games More Pointless Than "Sheep Invaders"

In the online game Sheep Invaders, you shoot at sheep before they poop on you. (Someone has even designed a sweater illustrating it... A SWEATER MADE OUT OF WOOL!  Poor sheep!) It got us thinking about what kinds of mundane activities might make for terrific video games. (Of course, throwing wads of paper into the trash is already a game, so we won't include that one.)

Race To The Bathroom: You know that feeling when you wake up in the morning and you have to go to the bathroom, but you really don't want to get out from under the warm covers of your bed? Picture that, in video game form. Can you get out of bed, and dodge the obstacles in your way (pizza boxes? dirty socks?) to make it to the bathroom before the clock runs out and, uh, well, you can imagine what happens when the clock runs out.

Waffle: The Adventure: Watch closely as the waffle goes from frozen to crisp, but make sure you pull it out of the toaster before it burns, or else... you have a burnt waffle. And no one wants a burnt waffle.

Empty the DVR: Programs are filling up fast, but you're about to reach capacity. Can you delete the unwanted programs from the list before new programs get recorded and you run out of space? Bonus points when you erase that three-hour high-definition sporting event that you couldn't wait to watch... until someone told you the final score, and suddenly spending three hours of your life when you already know how it's going to end didn't seem quite so appealing.

Laundry Sort Deluxe Edition: Does a gray t-shirt go with the colors or the whites? How will you prevent the fitted sheet from capturing all of your underwear within its elastic folds? Will the dryer eat your socks? Do you have enough change for the machines? Spin around and around and around on an endless, coin-eating adventure with all of your dirty clothes.

The Leftover Smell Test: The refrigerator is filled with mysterious containers of unidentifiable objects. Some are green. Others are supposed to be green. Can you separate the still-edible from the sure-to-make-you-sick? How long can you keep a half-eaten hamburger before it turns into the monster that's going to steal your extra lives before you make it to the next level? And can you kill him with a squirt of ketchup before he finds you?

Dust Attack: There's dust, and then there's !DUST! The enormous tumbleweeds of hair and clipped fingernails are coming to get you. Use your Power Vacuum to get them before they take over your entire screen and end your game.

Dishwasher Parking Lot: You know the sliding puzzle where you have to move the cars back and forth to clear a path to the exit so the vehicles can all get out? (One version is here.) This is like that, except with your dishes. Can you put a coffee mug where the glasses go? Will that plate fit next to the silverware bucket? Can you arrange all of the pieces so that nothing breaks and they all get clean, or will you be stuck playing the Loser's Round with a bowl riddled with caked-on cereal remains?

Book Hunt: One library book. Due today. But where is it? And can you find it before the Evil Librarian tracks you down and your fine starts adding up? You know you had it. You put it somewhere. The bookshelf would have been a smart place, but maybe it's under the couch. Or in the dishwasher. Or the toaster. (Kids At Home: Do not put books in the toaster.) Maybe you can just change your name and get a new library card.

What everyday activities would you like to see turned into online games?

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