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Best Foods to Eat While Gaming

Best Foods to Eat While Gaming

Whether you’re planning a party or a lazy afternoon dedicated to quality time with your Xbox, the truth remains: You gotta eat. There are definite classics, even clichés when it comes to game and food pairings. The following list includes a few common suggestions, but also adds some nom-nom anomalies (nom-nomalies?). Despite what some gamer stereotypes may suggest, not all game snacks must be junk food. If your daily exercise routine consists of thumb twiddling and the occasional victory dance upon slaying an opponent, chances are you need to work on your strength and fortitude stats IRL.

There is also the issue of ease. Trying to eat a plateful of shrimp scampi might be delectable, but add a console controller or keyboard to the mix and it’s more than a little cumbersome. The answer? Well, lovelies, feast your eyes on the menu below:

  • Fresh Veggies

There comes a time when every kid must eat his or her vegetables. Gamers can be grownups now too. Cut up some fresh carrot sticks and set them alongside some sugar snap peas and ranch dressing. Easy +10 health!

  • Taquitos

These are like tacos, but you don’t have to worry about the filling falling onto your keyboard during your next raid on Stormwind.

  • Granola Bars

A healthier alternative to the candy bar, these snacks range in flavors, come individually wrapped for convenience, and require little to no preparation.

  • Sushi Hand Rolls

As the name implies, these are the less dignified counterparts to the spicy tuna roll, no chopsticks needed.

  • Crackers

Ditch the bag of chips. Crackers are tasty and crunchy, and they don’t leave you with Dorito fingers. Who wants nacho cheese powder all over the controller?

  • Pizza

This is one of the aforementioned classics. Simple, cheesy deliciousness that only requires one hand to consume. Stay away from the greasier recipes, though.  Your guild members won’t appreciate your slippery digits when it’s time to battle a boss.

  • Smoothie

Why be bothered with chewing when you can sip your lunch through a straw? Fruit and yogurt smoothies are refreshing, filling, and much lower in sugar than soda. Nothing spoils a late night game session like a sugar coma.

  • Potato Skins

Potatoes are the comfort foods of the vegetable realm. But fries and potato chips are oily, and we’ve already addressed the grease factor. Potato skins are a baked, not fried, and pretty easy to make yourself. Load them up with your favorite toppings, pop them in the oven, cool, and enjoy.

  • Quesadillas

Any gamer can figure out how to microwave tortillas and cheese. For a more authentic approach, stuff them with peppers and cook them on a griddle. Either way, they make a convenient craving-kicker.

  • Sandwich

This is arguably the ultimate gaming food. In fact, legend has it that the Fourth Earl of Sandwich did not want to stop gambling to eat a proper meal with knives and forks. Instead, he had his meat brought to him between two slices of bread, and that was the beginning of what we now call the “sandwich.” Thankfully, you don’t need a gambling addiction to appreciate this tasty morsel.

Now that we’ve taken care of the vittles, there’s nothing to hold you back from a marathon of gameplay. There are new lands to discover, armors to enchant, soul gems to fill, and records to be broken.  It’s time to get your game on, and that dragon shout isn’t going to learn itself!

What do you eat while you're gaming?

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