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Working Titles for George R.R. Martin's Final Novel

Working Titles for George R.R. Martin's Final Novel

Guys, can we please take a minute to talk about Game of Thrones FOR ONCE???

As season two approaches its halfway point on HBO and The Winds of Winter—G-Man's 6th novel in the series—well in the works, we can't help but think about the future. There's only one book left unwritten, guys. Maybe. Probably.

Wikipedia is pretty confident that GRRM's seventh and concluding novel in the Song of Ice and Fire series will be called A Dream of Spring. But Wikipedia was also pretty confident that David Beckham was a Chinese goal keeper in the 18th century for a while. So we at The MindHut, ever dissatisfied with the literary world's output, decided to pitch a few names of our own. GRRM, if you're reading this and happen to realize that our titles are far superior to your own, no need to pay us any royalties (Ha! Kingly humor.)

All we ask is that you name a character in your final novel Turtle Facts The Bold.

Working Titles for GRRM's Final Novel

A Day of Knights

A Kerfuffle of Kinsmen

A Rowdy-dow of Royalty

A Parcheesi of Princes

A Tapdance of Trebuchets

A Dinner of Doritos

A Winter of Indigestion

A Pudding of Peasants

A Yahtzee of Genocide

A Tarantella of Tyrants

An Anthem of Party Rock

A Sword of Knives

A Gun of Knife-Swords

A Cannon of Cream Cheese

A Bundle of Breastplates

A Swarm of Spines

A Copse of Corpses

A Cache of Cash

A List of Words

A Noun of Nouns

Any other ideas?

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