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12 Star Wars Products You Didn't Know Existed

12 Star Wars Products You Didn't Know Existed

May the fourth be with you! Yes, once again it is Star Wars day, and all over the world adults and children alike are geeking out to the Lucas franchise. And what better way to kick it off than by showing you a bunch of awesome Star Wars products that you probably didn't even know existed!

1. The Tauntaun Sleeping Bag

Presenting The Tauntaun Sleeping Bag - Hoth’s answer to The Snuggie! Re-enact your favorite scene from Empire while snuggling down inside the Tauntaun’s plush, intestine-printed interior.

2. Storm Trooper Cufflinks

Add your own unique Star Wars accent to your outfit with these Storm Trooper cufflinks. Perfect for work, prom, weddings, church or any time you want to add a little Dark Side flair to your best formal wear.

3. Darth Vader Robotic Arm

Solve all those pesky multi-tasking issues with this Darth Vader Robotic Arm. Learn about the practical application of robot arms in medical science! Assembly so simple, people will think you cheated and used the Force. A word of warning, though: don’t be tempted to arm wrestle.

4. Yoda Dog Costume

Yoda + your dog = AWESOME. Now the entire family can dress up for a Star Wars-themed Halloween, no bones about it!

5. Han Solo Carbonite Chocolate

Promoting your sweet tooth and cannibalism, the Han Solo Carbonite chocolate is people. Sweet, tasty people. Never before have any of Boba Fett’s evil schemes tasted this sweet.

6. R2-D2 Mini Fridge

Made as an Attack of the Clones promotional tie-in for Japanese 7-Eleven stores, this R2-D2 mini fridge is sure to keep your favorite soda as cold as Hoth. Coming in at almost $1100, it’ll make your bank account pretty frosty, too.

7. Star Wars Heroes & Villains Cookie Cutters

No matter what side of the Galactic Civil War you’re on, everyone loves a bakery treat. With these Heroes & Villains cookie cutters, it’s not longer just the Dark Side who’s got the cookies!

8. Wampa Rug

Have you been looking for the perfect item to finish decorating your ice cave? Look no further than the Star Wars Wampa Rug. Unlike the Wampa in Empire, this one comes with soft, white synthetic Wampa fur…and both arms. What a bargain!

9. R2-D2 USB Hub

Plug into The Force with this R2-D2 USB hub. It connects four of your favorite USB devices in style - but it can’t send holographic messages.

10. Star Wars Vader’s Dark Side Roast Coffee

Move over, Starbucks. Take a hike, Seattle’s Best. There’s a new coffee vendor in town, and you don’t want to mess with him. Start your action-packed day right with a cup of Vader’s Dark Side Roast Coffee. The taste of evil in every cup!

11. Princess Leia Headphones

Even the most devoted Star Wars fan gets tired of messing with a million bobby pins to get the hairstyle fit for a princess. Make the Cinnabons-On-The-Side-Of-Your-Head look a breeze every morning with these Princess Leia headphones!

12. Chewbacca Backpack

Who doesn’t want Chewbacca on their side? With this fun and furry Chewbacca Back Buddy, Chewie’s got your back – literally. Put your bookies in this wookiee and carry all your daily essentials in style.

What's your favorite Star Wars product?

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