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"What a Piece of Junk!" and Other Things You Can Say About the Ships of Star Wars

"What a Piece of Junk!" and Other Things You Can Say About the Ships of Star Wars

One feature that sets Star Wars apart from its science fiction counterparts is the lack of effort toward explaining how any of the technology works. Many authors and filmmakers seek a means of justifying how faster-than-light travel is possible, perhaps so the viewer can sleep at night without worrying about the problems of general relativity. Star Wars doesn't concern itself with these questions.

However, the franchise makes up for any technical oversight by imbuing each and every spacefaring vessel with a wealth of character and personality. In honor of May the Fourth, let’s go over a few.

TIE Fighters These little guys are about as harmless as mosquitoes, but more often than not they travel with a formidable swarm at hand. TIE Fighters underline one of the Empire's most evident characteristics: a total lack of diversity. The fact that the Empire has multiple versions of the same basic design (TIE fighters, TIE bombers, TIE interceptors) also demonstrates their creative stagnation.

Star Destroyer I doubt anyone has ever seen a Star Destroyer live up to its name, but they do pack a punch as a combination of carrier vessel and psychological warfare. The first frame of “A New Hope” left a lasting impression on our cultural memory: a puny rebel ship against the impossibly-long Star Destroyer. No one would ever accuse the Empire of overcompensating.

Emperor's shuttle You never see this ship in the thick of battle. It doesn’t even have a name. Wookieepedia calls it the “Lambda-class T-4a shuttle,” and I just fell asleep typing that. The Lambda thingamajig carries one VIP: the Emperor. Now it all makes sense! This passively hostile vessel is the galaxy's solution to the limousine.

X-Wing Leave it to George Lucas to put an F-15 in space. These fighters bristle with guns, but always have a friend on-hand in the form of a helpful R2 unit. They reflect the Rebellion's values of teamwork and camaraderie, but also vigilante-style capability in the event that you need to bring down a space station and no one else is around.

Millennium Falcon I save the best for last. Luke Skywalker said it first: "What a piece of junk!" This sentence is remarkable because the viewer has no context to judge one starship from the next. The Falcon is not as pretty or as sleek as other vessels. She flies like an injured stork, her weapons are limited to some gun pods that depend on the accuracy of whoever mans them, and her warp drive is unreliable at best. In other words, the Falcon makes her crew work for success, ensuring that nothing will be easy, but the payoff will be worthwhile in the long run.

It's remarkable how much one can extrapolate about these ships without knowing the first thing about how they actually work. Star Wars gets that much right across the board: offering a sympathetic point of view of even the most inanimate objects, without bogging anyone down with the details.

May the Fourth be with you!

What's your favorite Star Wars ship?

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