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7 Nerdy Power Couples Who Give Us Hope

We could argue that Adam and Eve were the first great dorky power couple. Chew on this image, if you will: Adam, lingering around all day with the Boss (not Bruce Springsteen [well, actually, maybe Bruce Springsteen]), talking his ear off with geeky questions about geography and astronomy and philosophy and the new Arcade Fire record ("And the Lord spaketh unto Adam, 'Meh, twas Kind of derivative." -Genesis 33:13). Meanwhile, Eve: nude but for a pair of oversized hipster glasses, walking around barefoot all day, talking to/meticulously naming every unique fauna she encounters. Of course their thing didn't end on the best of terms. Some tiff about Whitesnake and an apple that wasn't locally grown…whatever, we kind of skimmed it. But we could argue those old naked dorks have a lot to teach modern couples. We could argue that. But we thought talking about contemporary nerdy couples would be a more rewarding use of the precious little time we have left before the Lord smites us all for worshiping false Internet idols. And lo, because the Lord created 6 days and one day of rest, we have assembled six geeky profiles and one we didn't try as hard on 'cause it was late and those Avengers reviews aren't gonna read themselves, people. Anyway, lo and yea and so forth. Here are 7 real, living nerdy power couples who give us hope:
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