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7 Nerdy Power Couples Who Give Us Hope

By Brandon Specktor May 7, 2012

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Win Butler and Régine Chassagne

Win is: Really named Edwin, but wouldn't you take the chance to say "I am made of win," if you could? He's also the main dude in Montreal indie rock royalty, Arcade Fire (see! That earlier joke came right back 'round, di'nt it?). Win sings, writes songs, and plays lots of instruments including guitar, mandolin, bass, violin and harmonica. For the win. Régine is: Really named Edwin. JK. Régine is also a founding member of Arcade Fire, where she sings and plays accordion, drums, xylophone, recorder and other instruments you thought you'd never use after elementary school, but JOKE'S ON YOU! Oh, also, she and Win contributed two songs to the Hunger Games soundtrack. So…you should probably listen to them. What they teach us: It is possible to find love, and win a Grammy, even if Rosie O'Donnell has no idea who you are. *wheh!* We were worried about that one.
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