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7 Nerdy Power Couples Who Give Us Hope

Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi

Ellen is: A professional funny lady with stand-up cred to back up her successful film and TV careers. Ellen has had—and this is an approximation—4,003 TV shows bearing her name, and on her current daytime slot recently broke Kristen Bell's mind over a sloth. She is a legendary advocate of dancing in the face of adversity. Portia is: A gorgeous Aussie-American actress known by your parents for her role on Ally McBeal, and to you by her role as Lindsay Bluth Fünke on Arrested Development. She was born Amanda Lee Rogers, but took the name "Portia" as a big up to Willy Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice. Like Ellen, Portia is fond of dancing, but prefers more of a freestlye, less cooped-up approach. What they teach us: Shun the haters—Just dance.
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