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7 Nerdy Power Couples Who Give Us Hope

George R.R. Martin and Parris McBride

George is: GRRM? The Throne Gamer! The Sword Stormer! Granddaddy Dragon Dancer! Come on. We know you know who he is because we know you're reading this website right now. If you happen to be a member of that slim sphere who is sick of Game of Thrones and sick of jokey references to it in every third article you read, that's okay, but to you I cryptically advise "winter is coming" before disappearing into a shroud of smoke and raven feathers. Parris is: An initiated Celtic priestess, an activist for human rights, and the lady nerdy/awesome enough to trade custom Celtic rings with GRRM under a panoply of battleaxes, because that's how they roll. Westeros swag. What they teach us: It can take many decades, and more battles still, before finding that one person who can truthfully say, "There are no men [or women] like me. Only me."
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