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Top 10 Science Fiction and Fantasty Memes

Top 10 Science Fiction and Fantasty Memes

Memes are like the internet version of potato chips. You can’t stop at just one! But don’t take our word for it. Get crunchin’ with our delightfully geeky Top 10 Sci-Fi and Fantasy memes. It’s memelicious!

10. The Hunger Games Peeta loves Katniss. Katniss loves bread. They both love Rihanna. Everybody wins! (Except not really). “We found bread...

9. Star Trek: The Next Generation You’re a precocious know-it-all, you wear ugly sweaters and the crew finds you slightly less annoying than a band of angry Klingons. You’re Wesley Crusher, and this is your meme. “Shut up, Wesley!

8. Game of Thrones “Who’s this George R.R. Martin dude? What do you mean Game of Thrones was a book first?” “Thrilled that Game of Thrones is back on TV..."

7. Firefly Jersey Shore is on its fifth season. No, it doesn’t seem right to us, either. “Does that seem right to you?

6. Lord of the Rings Even literary masters have off days. Just ask J.R.R. Tolkien. “Creates entire language for elves…

5. Battlestar Galactica “Pop Tart? I put this on the bagel setting.  Frakkin’ toasters!” “Your Pop Tart is ready…

4. Harry Potter Voldemort and Dumbledore engage in verbal smack down using the most powerful weapon in the wizarding world – the comedy genius of Mean Girls. “Nice wig, Albus!

3. Star Wars “Plenty more where he came from.” “Wear full body armor….”

2. The Walking Dead “You mean I have to fend off walkers 24/7, make life and death decisions at the drop of a hat AND remember everyone’s names?” “Man, I’m getting pretty tired of all these walkers.”

1. Dr. Who Psychopathic winged humanoids need love, too. Group Hug Fail.


“You guys wanna play a little World of Warcraft after work?” “Real Life RPG.”

What’s your favorite pop culture meme?

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