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DIY Armor Inspiration: The Malaysian Assassin Bug

DIY Armor Inspiration: The Malaysian Assassin Bug

Behold, the adorable new photo popping up on everyone’s “Armor and Weaponry” Pinterest boards: a bug that wears the dead bodies of its enemies as armor. After sucking out their insides. What fab inspiration! This got us thinking about what else we might like to turn into body armor:

- pages from your enemy’s junior high diary (like gut-sucking, without the gut-sucking)

- Twinkies

- diapers

- and/or any other materials that do not decompose

- pinball machine parts (ding ding! very distracting)

- rare jazz records (intimidating)

- kittens (disarming)

- or, mangy feral cats (horrifying)

- the collected readymades of Marcel Duchamp (impenetrable!)

- those round rubber things you turn inside out then put out the ground then they bounce really high

- iPads playing the first 10 minutes of Up on loop (blind your enemy with tears)

What would you (or…have you?) made armor out of?

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